BLOG: Where's ASU's defense been hiding?

PHOENIX, AZ - With all the hype this past off-season about how good the Arizona State defense was going to be this season, I have just one question. Where have they been?

After five games, the Sun Devils are ranked 60th in total defense, 86th in rushing defense, 84th in scoring defense and 91st in Red Zone defense. For reference, that's out of 123 Division I teams.

And to make matters worse, they've given up yards and points to teams that aren't necessarily all that good on offense. Granted, Wisconsin is ranked 15th in total offense, but Stanford's offense is ranked 66th and Notre Dame's is ranked 86th in total offense!

The Devils are giving up over 182 yards rushing per game and close to 400 total yards per game.

Not exactly the kind of defense that wins championships, is it?

I guess I was just expecting more this season! Especially with all the hype this past off-season and with the head coach calling the plays on defense!

Maybe there's still hope for improvement, but you can't win titles if you can't play defense! That much is for sure!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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