BLOG: Did the Suns play if they didn't compete?

You know what the Suns are not? They're not the creamy white filling in an Oreo cookie. Because there is nothing in-between about the Suns.  

When the Suns (rarely) win, they win. But when the Suns lose – look out. As in, lookout below because the Suns scream "cannonball" and then smack the water from the patio roof.   

The latest example was the game in Houston on Wednesday night. At least, the NBA schedule listed the Suns taking on the Rockets. But, when you checked in on the game to find that the score was 100-64… well, we'd like to argue that the Suns did not play and instead took the night off.  gain. 

Alas, lopsided losses are definitely one of the things that the Suns do best. Houston went on a 15-0 run in the first half. Then, in the third quarter, the Suns got outscored 32-13.

The leading rebounder for the Suns had five boards. That's five boards. The Suns got water boarded and it got the attention of the head coach. 

"Those that go along w/the program will be here," Lindsey Hunter said. "Those that won't...will eliminate themselves."

Of course, there is the question of the interim head coach himself. And whether his roster failing to respond and compete serves to eliminate Lindsey Hunter himself? 

Then again, if you're into amassing ping pong balls for the upcoming NBA Draft Lottery, then the big loss becomes a big win.

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