Big pay days costly for small schools' football teams

PHOENIX - Are you tired of seeing big college football teams beat up on the little guys? If so, read on, because I just don't think it's right to continue the trend of paying smaller school football teams to go get beat up by the big boys!

Get this! Florida A&M gets $900,000 to play at Ohio State. North Texas gets $975,000 to got to Athens and play the Georgia Bulldogs and Idaho State gets a huge paycheck to get beat up by the Huskies in Seattle!

You know what, it isn't right!

We all know why they do it. The small schools need the money and football is about the only way they can fund the rest of the athletic department. So the football coaches bite the bullet and take their teams into typically "no-win" situations so the cross-country team can get new uniforms and travel to far away wooded areas to run where no-one will see them!

Meanwhile, the big schools need a patsy on the schedule in order to impress the BCS gods and move up in the national rankings.

So as far as the big schools are concerned, what's three quarters of a million dollars or more when you can get an easy win and get most of your team some playing time?

Look, it is what it is! But I'm just tired of seeing Ohio State win by 76 or Louisville win 72 to nothing.

I do get excited when teams like North Dakota State get a win over Kansas State. Those games clearly make it all worthwhile!

Unfortunately, those wins are far too few! Like I said, it is what it is!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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