ASU hockey team tracking hits to the head and what causes concussions

TEMPE, AZ - When does an injury become more than an injury? When the damage done evades diagnosis. Or the extent of the injury is unknown.

Such is the case when we're talking about head injuries. Unlike typical sports injuries, there is no automatic fix and rehab schedule. Injuries to the brain don't come with arthroscopic surgery and a brace.

Hence, the ASU Hockey team has a new partner – Safebrain. The company specializes in concussion awareness technology with a sensor that attaches to helmets. 

"Nothing's going to prevent a concussion necessarily, but being able to recognize it and respond to it is extremely important," said Safebrain VP Scott Jacko.     

The ASU coaches consider the sensor another set of eyes monitoring players' safety. 

"It registers the g-force of a hit," Jacko explained. "If it breaks a certain threshold there's an indication light on the back to show the coaches, trainers, parents and staff that an impact has occurred."

The company calls it a "black box for the brain," where the sensor is designed to register and record data, both short-term and long-term. 

"Five years down the road, all of your information will be there," said Jacko. "It'll tell the story of all of the impacts and crashes you've had along your career."

The Safebrain sensor will be available for purchase next month. Find the company website at

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