Arizona Diamondbacks Spring Training 2014: Pitchers and catchers report Thursday

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - With pitchers and catchers reporting, spring training officially starts Thursday for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Relief Pitcher J.J. Putz arrived just before 6:30 a.m. on Thursday. He said there's nothing like the start of a new season.

"Everybody is equal. We've got a long eight weeks ahead of us, but all that hard work you do in the off-season makes you ready to get out there and get in between the lines," said Putz.

Going into spring training, Diamondbacks players said they have a big challenge ahead of them. The team will be going to Australia in March for several games.

"It's an honor to go there because it's going to be the first Major League Baseball game to be played there. I've heard there are people there that have never seen a major league game so it's going be something special to go there," said Putz.

Along with the trip to Australia players said they're also excited about reconnecting with fans. Spring training workouts offer fans a rare opportunity to connect with players.

Officials said that if you plan on coming out to spring training there's a list of things you should know:

- Park in the Desert Parking lot, it's free and has the shortest walk

- The agility fields right outside of the locker rooms are the first place players will go and the best place to get autographs

- Major League Practice fields are where players will be going through baseball drills

- You can bring your own drinks and snacks

- Parking is free and it's free to come out and watch the workouts

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