Arizona Cardinals vs. Tennessee Titans: Cardinals prep for playoff push

Do the Cardinals have a competitive advantage at Tennessee? Perhaps. At the very least, the Cards appear to be well-equipped for the rigors of the road considering what they're packing to Nashville. 

See, quarterback Carson Palmer knows cold.  And head coach Bruce Arians knows the AFC South cold.  

In fact, one year removed from making the playoffs as interim head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Arians is currently 3-0 against his former division. Going for the sweep this weekend, Arians admits that knowledge is power.   

"It does help, there's no doubt about it," Arians shared said on Wednesday, referring to both the Colts and his many years with the Steelers. "It seems like I've played Tennessee once or twice a year for the last ten years…it helps knowing their guys. It helps a little bit, but still the players play." 

Speaking of, when Carson Palmer deals with the elements in Nashville, not to mention the Titans defense, he can draw upon years of frozen tundra experience.

It doesn't look like it's going to be below-zero, which is cold.  Everything else is good," Palmer told the Arizona media as they probably shivered at the thought.  "I've been playing in cold weather for a long time.  I spent nine years in the AFC North, which there is no warm games."  

If needed, maybe the Cards can huddle up and warm their hands around their red-hot quarterback. Palmer didn't throw a pass in practice last week, and then completed 27 of 32 passes in Arizona's 30-10 victory over St. Louis. The 84.4 completion percentage was the highest of his career and second-highest in franchise history.

"Everybody caught the ball well," Palmer said. "The protection was great. Play calling was phenomenal with the timing of play calls. Everything went into that."

Does all this mean that the Cards offense has finally navigated the learning curve in grasping Bruce Arians' complex playbook? 

"The receivers played by far their best game, and he did also," Arians said. "They were really in tune. The protection helped a bunch, but he got away from some stuff (pass rush) too and made some really nice throws. Larry (Fitzgerald) made some great contested catches."

Before practice on Wednesday, Palmer said that he planned to throw in practice to prepare for Sunday.

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