Arizona Cardinals: Predictions for wins and losses for remainder of season (BLOG)

PHOENIX - Ok! Listen up!

After seven games, the Arizona Cardinals are 3-4! Exactly where I thought they would be!

Yes, I picked all the games back on August 11, and so far, the Cardinals are doing exactly what I predicted!

I had them losing to the Rams in St. Louis, beating the Lions here, losing to the Saints, beating Tampa Bay and Carolina, and then losing to the Niners and Seahawks! Probably not a big surprise to many of you, but the Cardinals are on track to win six or seven games.

Here's the way my August 11, 2013 prediction goes for the rest of the season:

Cardinals lose to Atlanta

Cardinals lose to Houston

Beat Jacksonville

Lose to Indianapolis

Beat Philadelphia

Beat St. Louis at home

Win at Tennessee

Lose at Seattle

And they lose the finale to the 49ers here in Phoenix!

So there you have it!

I'm on record for a 7-9 season for 2013 and if things play out the way I think they will, well, the Cardinals will be an improved team this year, but the record won't necessarily reflect it!

So we'll look forward to next year's NFL Draft, hoping for big things to come.

But what should the Cardinals do with their first round draft pick in 2014? Well, that leaves us with plenty to talk about between now and then!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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