Arizona Cardinals player Dan Williams gets 'running start'

The Cardinals don't hold their first full practice of training camp until Friday. So, can it really be possible and plausible that one player has already completed the most daunting part of his season?

Sure. If your name happens to be Dan Williams, which means that your position is nose tackle. And that means you most likely have a certain body-type that, shall we say, isn't exactly built for sprinting or long distance running.   

"It's something that you know you have to do but probably don't really want to do," Williams admitted moments after the Cardinals annual run test, which signals the start of Cards Camp. "But, it's good because the coaches can tell what type of things you've been doing in your off-time."    

Did we mention that the defensive lineman, listed at 314 pounds worth of run-stopping girth, was both smiling and panting?

In fact, let's give Dan a chance to catch his breath. Let's hear from his boss, who was keeping a close eye on the former first rounder's scale during the off-season.  

"He hit his weight. I judged the running test on him," said Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians."He hit his number and I said ‘that's enough. If Danny is good, we're all good.'" 

In fact, even though Williams finished dead-last, Arians cut the run test short in honor of his Big Dan's showing. Instead of three consecutive 300-yard sprints, the team ran a pair of 300-yard sprints.

You know who wasn't complaining about that audible? Dan Williams, a former track and field athlete who competed in the shot put.    

So, will the run test really qualify as the toughest part of his season? 

"Yes – in my opinion it is, definitely," Williams said, while still breathing heavily. "Coming from my point of view, this is probably the toughest part of camp. Pretty much it goes all downhill from here."

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