Small Stars: Young race car drivers hit the track

PHOENIX - On an early Sunday morning at the Quarter Midget Race Track at South Mountain Park, the cars are lined up in the pits.

Dads, moms and handlers get the cars ready for young drivers as the Valley of the Sun Quarter Midget Association puts on another race in the USAC Racing League.

It's up to the pit crew to get the motor in the car, clean off the tires and get ready to race.

You have to sign in, pay your race fees and then get your car out of the garage area and get down the hill to the race track.

For 6-year-old Zoie, it's a beautiful day to be at the race track.

"Good morning," she says. And while she loves driving fast - "full throttle" - she still doesn't know much about how it all works.

"Well… I don't know anything about it," Zoie explained.

And while she waited patiently for dad to get her car ready, Bradley was all set to race. 

He told us that racing just comes naturally to him.  

"It's not that tough,"  he says.

But when he was asked about everything that's involved and what you need to know, well… he struggled to come up with an answer. 

"You have to learn, um, you have to learn by um… I cannot think of anything," he said.

But he does know that mom and dad are critical to his success. 

"[They're] really important, they help me win," Bradley said.

While they waited, Zane talked about his class.

"I race Quarter Midgets in the class of Senior Honda, Light 160 Senior Animal and I'm soon getting another car," Zane said.

In addition to going fast, there's another perk for Zane.

"I get to race against some of the NASCAR drivers' kids like Jeff Burton," Zane said. "I race against Harrison Burton here."

For Kasen, the early morning means lots of energy drinks to get your own speed up because this is what he had to say… 

"This is my aminal (yes, aminal), and that's a Honda and that's, this, and that one is my aminal and that's my brother's car. It's gonna be painted like Mario - Luigi's brother, and this one. I'm in Senior Honda Aminal and this one kinda goes fast and 'cause I- I don't know how fast it goes in Honda but I'll see and this one goes really fast I think. And that's my brother's car, he's in Rookie.  He's just a beginner."

Whew! While he was saying all that, we were enamored with his Flipeez hat. Nice!

And with that it was time for these drivers to sit through a meeting, get their gloves on, get strapped into their car, get their radio communications set, get their helmet on, get weighed in and get 'a racin'.

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