Small Stars: The Heat from Ahwatukee

AHWATUKEE, AZ - The Heat from Ahwatukee went into the championship game undefeated in the Junior Suns League. Now they're fighting for the championship on the big stage at the US Airways Center.

With some help from their coach, "We're in the Suns arena. The Suns have never won a championship on this floor. Let's do it first.  Let's do it!" The Junior Suns took to the hardwood.

"We have to finish the job, that's all we have to do," Michael told us before tip-off. "You have to work hard, hustle, do your best and have fun."

Daylan echoed Michael. "Hard work and never give up."

Every player on the team said the key to winning was to hustle. It's something their coach is always telling them to do.

"He always wants us to hustle and he never wants us to give up and if we never give up then we become champions."

That lesson is something Michael gets from the coach on and off the court. "He's my dad, so I love him. He's a good coach. He talks about stuff that I never would have known, like trying to get me to do things that I wouldn't have actually done."

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