Small Stars: Mighty Mites hit the ice for some hockey practice

The ice was cold and the action was hot in Chandler when the Mighty Mites got in some practice at the Polar Ice Den.

These Small Stars have fine tuned their puck handling skills while doing their best to stay up right on their skates.

Carson did an excellent job at goal. He blocked a majority of the shots that came his way. "I like to save the pucks from the net," he told us. He also had another trick up his sleeve to keep the puck out. He moved the net around the ice. It's much harder to score on a moving target. Maybe the NHL will adopt this strategy?

During shooting drills, Liam mastered the fake shot. The stick moved but the puck stayed right there in place.  Very impressive! "I'm playing hockey and I'm very good at doing swizzles," Liam told us. But his favorite part is when the kids all fall down.

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