Small Stars: Hayden Ray has dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder

Eight-year-old Hayden Ray has dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder.  However, if those dreams don't work out, Hayden has a backup plan.

"A dentist," he said. "Because you get to put shots in people's mouths."

Hayden showed us some of his moves in the bowl, and that's when we realized we've seen him before. Hayden was a Small Star in 2011 where he was able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Back then, he was just learning how to board. 

"I started when I was five," Hayden said. "And I've been taking lessons for two years."

In those few years, he's learned moves like the heal flip, the kick flip and the method air grab.  Well, at least he hopes to learn those. "You get to do really fun stuff like drop in and kick turn. But what I'm trying to do is the axel stall and to get down and drop into the roll in right there," he said pointing to another area, "and do the vert."

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