Small Stars: Diablos vs. Firebirds

"We're called the Diablos"

That's right! It's the SEV Diablos against the Scottsdale Firebirds.

And for the Diablos, there's a whole lot at stake, "If we win this game, we are going to the playoffs, and that's what we are going to do."

And a win in the playoffs could mean a trip to the happiest place on earth! "No one's every too young for Disneyland!"

Agreed! Like their name signifies, the Diablos have evil plans for the Firebirds, "First, we're gonna cook them and then eat ‘em like chicken." Ouch!

But like any football player when a camera comes around, it's time to get in a few hellos and how are ya's! "I want to do a shout out to my mom, my dad, my sister, my aunt, everybody else in my family."

That should just about cover it!

On the Firebirds sideline, the guys are just excited to be on TV! "Oh yeah, ABC rules, whoo!" "Hey, don't act like that on national TV." "Yeah, national TV rules!"

And with that, it's time for the coin toss. "We're the Diablos. Diablos, Firebirds, shake hands please." The Firebirds are the visiting team so they get to call it. "Heads, he calls heads, alright?" "We got heads, the Firebirds win the toss, they elected to receive."

But the Diablos start the game with an onside kick and they recover it!

"Viper right, 42 dive. Viper right, 42 dive, on set, on set, ready break."

But the onside kick is for not; the Diablos fumble and Davante comes up with it for the Firebirds.

But the Firebirds can't convert and the Diablos get the ball right back!

Coach, "You guys ready to do this? Yes Sir! Alright, lets' pick it up right here, come on."

And on first and ten, "Mamba I right 48 counter, Mamba I right 48 counter on 1, on 1, ready break." The Firebirds score from 57 yards out! Sanchez hits the extra point and the Diablos lead it, 8-0.

"Hey hey, let's go on set though, you want to go on set?" And with that, the Firebirds answer with a touchdown of their own.

But the Diablos come right back, Sanchez kicks another one through the uprights and it's suddenly 16-6.

A few plays later, Hernandez sneaks one across the goal line and it's 24-6.

Down 24-6 at halftime, Logan gives his team a pep talk. "We're at halftime, we got to get fired up. We got to change this half. IT should be like 58 to 24, we should not let them score, first downs, nothing!"

The cheerleaders are pumped up and ready for the second half, "Let's go, Let's go, L-E-T-S-G-O, Let's go!"

The Diablos score one more touchdown and beat the Firebirds, 32 to 6.

"Good game, good game, good game."

Congratulations Diablos and Firebirds, you're this week's Small Stars!

"Diablos on three, 1,2,3, Diablos!"

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