Small Stars: MX Junior Soccer

PHOENIX - It's always fun when we run into a team at practice, and that was the case this week when we caught up with the MX Junior Soccer team in Tempe.

But when I asked the team what they liked most about soccer, well, the answers varied. Jesus told us it's all about the scoring.

"Um, that you can make goals," Jesus said.

But 10-year-old Maria says she just likes it for the basics.

"That I get to kick it a lot and I get to run," Maria says.

R.P. agreed with Jesus -- "Um, making the goals."

So Maria, be honest now, who's the best player on the your team? "Me!" Maria says, "Ha, ha, ha, Kevin and Angel." Good Answer Maria!

Okay, so if Kevin is one of the best players on the team, let's ask him what he likes most about soccer?

"Um, that I like to score goals and that I like to pass it off to my friends a lot," Kevin says.

And what about you R.P.? What do you like most about soccer?

"My first goal was with the big kids," R.P says. "And um, it's kind of fun at practice, but the most thing I don't like about it is you have to run laps, but eh, at least it's worth it."

Oh, R.P. just so we get it right for the game program, how do you spell your name? "R.P." Oh, okay, now I feel kind of silly!

But let me ask you this, do you guys have a good team this season? R.P. responds, "Kinda, we still need to kind of practice!"

That's good! Practice is a good thing!  

Hey Kevin, we noticed your cool haircut, who cut it for you?

"I got it, my Mom did it."

So why did you get it cut like that? "Um, just because I like it", Kevin says. "I just choose this one. I really love this haircut."

It is pretty cool!

So Kevin, I asked R.P. this earlier, but tell me, how are you guys doing so far this season?

"Um, yeah, we're doing really fine right now," Kevin tells us.

Really fine is great with us! Congratulations MX Junior Soccer, you're this week's Small Stars!

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