Best online therapy for anxiety: Top virtual counseling from most trusted therapist online

9:49 AM, May 12, 2022
9:49 AM, May 12, 2022

Americans have been suffering from mental health issues for a long time. In recent years, anxiety and depression among American individuals have skyrocketed. This is partly because of the pandemic that has brought many undesirable impacts. However, as now one-quarter of Americans are coming up with anxiety disorders, it is clear that most people need to speak their hearts out.

Choosing the right path to get helped might be tricky, especially when overwhelmed by your depressive episodes and fearful of emerging anxiety symptoms.

Fortunately, now people can seek help quickly through teletherapy. By using the best online therapy service, you can speak to licensed professionals without having to move out and at lower rates than in-person therapy.

Psychotherapy has become more accessible than ever due to the arrival of teletherapy. These online platforms let people of any social class with psychiatric or psychological issues lend a hand.

Online therapy is what someone can always rely on. Whether you suffer from postpartum depression or general anxiety disorder, telepathy services remain available 24/7 with licensed professional therapists.

List Of Best Online Therapy Services For Mental Health 

  1. Calmerry - Overall Best Online Therapy Services With Experienced Counselors
  2. - Trusted Online Mental Health Counseling For Adults
  3. TalkSpace - Top Online Therapist With Convenient Communication
  4. BetterHelp - Most Flexible Online Platform For Mental Health Professionals
  5. Regain - Recommended Couple Therapy Service With Medication Management

#1. Calmerry - Overall Best Online Therapy Site With Experienced Counselors

Even the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t affect the speed of life. People still need to deal with hectic schedules that include household chores, child care, and work. Calmerry offers flexible meeting times that are conducive to your work schedule.

This flexible online therapy session starts with a form in which you answer a few questions about your present and former mental health, goals, and interests. Subscription packages are offered based on your preferences ranging from traditional to behavioral therapy.

Once you choose your subscription plan and clear the payments, the matching process starts. Calmerry ensures to match you with a suitable therapist within 24 hours. However, you may get matched within 10-15 minutes after payment. Soon enough, you start communicating with your therapist.

The best thing is that you can take live sessions in the comfort of your home or while traveling. All you need is an internet connection. Many users choose video conferencing, but Calmerry also provides live chat and voice calls. You can contact their customer support service if you have any issues during the session.

The company has many experts who hand-pick therapists for you. Calmerry aims to provide its customers with the best mental health professionals to make you successful in your life. The subscription plans start from $45 per week, making it the most affordable option.

Finally, you have the freedom to discuss personal matters without fear of being judged. A compassionate counselor can help you talk about emotional abuse, guilt, low self-esteem, and relationship problems. New customers are pampered with a 30% discount in the first month of the session.


User-Friendly Interface: Calmerry’s website has easy-to-navigate options, fun colors, and readable fonts. Customers can use the quick message box to live chat and make video calls. The website is compatible with desktops and mobile phones.

Customer Support Team: The company's customer service is excellent and responsive. Clients can make inquiries, and the team will answer your questions immediately. Calmerry's customer service team is also friendly and has excellent communication skills.

HIPAA Compliant Program: Calmerry complies with HIPAA standards and ensures that your personal information is safe. The shared information is encrypted on servers, and thus, each message is encrypted. Your profile will be accessible by you and your therapist only. If you prefer staying anonymous, you can register with your nickname without revealing your identity.

Quick Chat Bot: As soon as you register as a client on Calmerry, you get access to a chatbot known as a daily reflection bot. This bot works as a check-in of your thoughts and emotions. You will be able to write down what you’re feeling and how you spend your day. Afterward, the chatbot will send ready mood reports to determine your progress.

Customer Service: Calmerry is widely trusted by users because of its exceptional customer service. The service is available 24/7 and answers any questions related to therapists, sessions, and products.

Flexible Subscription Plans: If you don't feel satisfied with your current therapist, you can change them or cancel your subscription plan. Since you made the change, your payment plan won't be altered, saving you time and money. However, you will be required to provide a valid reason for changing your therapist.


  • Quick matching process
  • Positive customer rating
  • Friendly and highly responsive customer support team
  • First-month discount
  • HIPPA compliant


  • Kids and teens are not eligible for this program
  • Inconvenient process of switching to another therapist

=> click here to visit the official website of Calmerry

#2. - Trusted Online Mental Health Counseling For Adults

As per some latest research, online CBT service is as effective as in-person therapy and is cheap. took it seriously and came up with a program that works for cognitive behavioral therapy. It is a Swedish company that works for many English-speaking countries. is a cheap platform offering services for cognitive behavioral therapy. The platform's customer service team is friendly and has excellent communication skills. The customer service team is also friendly and has excellent communication skills.

The company lets its customers use various modes of communication other than chatting. As soon as you sign up on the site, you will need to answer a few questions about your past and current mental health conditions. Then according to your profile and questionnaire, the platform will assign you a licensed therapist. Customers may not be able to communicate with their therapists 24/7. Fortunately, they will be able to do so from Monday through Friday during working hours.

The platform also provides its users with many resources, such as interactive worksheets, a check-in journal to note your emotions daily, and yoga tutorials, regardless of your subscription plan.

Speaking of subscription plans, with $48 a week, you can add one live video chat per week to your plan. These sessions last only 30 minutes and might not be suitable for complicated cases. However, the toolbox becomes the ultimate support as it tracks your daily emotions. You can only speak about important matters in this quick session.

If you think you are self-motivated and have a tight budget, you can opt for to sort out your anxiety and depression.


Therapy Toolbox: stands out from other companies by offering a therapy toolbox. This feature assists customers through the journey of cognitive-behavioral therapy. As the platform is entirely based on cognitive behavioral therapy services, the customers will get a chance to self-direct some facets during the therapy process. You can always text your therapist about any queries or discuss your issues during the video chat session.

CBT Specialized Therapists: The platform entirely works on cognitive behavioral therapy. Thus the providers possess years of expertise and specialization in CBT. Thus, is ideal for breaking free from negative patterns and habits. The therapists at use CBT to handle various mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, agoraphobia, anxiety, insomnia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, couple issues, and more. Depending on your subscription plan, you will interact with your counselor through video conferencing, phone calls, or texting.

Comprehensive Blog: The website has an extensive FAQ section and insightful yoga and meditation videos. Therefore, apart from offering therapy services, the platform is an excellent place for you to learn more about therapy.


  • Therapists have specialization in CBT
  • Website has a detailed FAQ section
  • Yoga and meditation included 
  • Maximum rating for treating multiple behavioral health conditions


  • Doesn’t offer group or couple therapy
  • The basic plan lacks a live session

=> click here to visit the official website of

#3. TalkSpace - Top Online Therapist With Convenient Communication

Talkspace was founded in 2012 and became one of the earliest companies to come into being. Like other companies, Talkspace offers different modes of communication such as audio, video, live chat, and texting.

Talkspace is one of the leading online therapy platforms offering helpful environments with a wide array of services. Its counseling services advanced the industry by providing help to individuals, couples, and teens suffering from anxiety, anger, and depression.

The company is associated with insurance providers and EAP plans, thus making the company cheap if your plan is in-network. The company accepts payments through FSA and HSA cards. If you have either of these, you are eligible to access the desired products and services.

You can register yourself on the website by filling out a simple form that includes your mental health, anxiety level, and previous mental health issues. Talkspace then sends your details to a professional matchmaker. The use of humans to match people to therapists makes the platform stand out from the rest that uses an algorithm.

Once you are matched, you will then be able to speak to your therapist. Talkspace provides a 24/7 chat room, including sessions through video conferencing, phone calls, and texting. The platform’s reliable schedule lets its customers attend live sessions without worrying about traveling or planning to have a session. However, in the case of video messaging or voice messaging, you will need to wait for the response since the therapist will not instantly respond. 98% found Talkspace to be more convenient than traditional therapy.

Consider Talkspace for teletherapy on your list of possible providers. This program has clients of every age group and stars like Michael Phelps and Demi Lovato. Additionally, its previous customers are more than happy with its service. It has over 60,000 five-star reviews online.


Discount Offers: Talkspace frequently offers discounts to new customers. You can find discount offers posted on the website’s homepage. Through these offers, customers can get $80 to $100 off. Currently, Talkspace is offering $100 off when you use code SPACE. The price all depends on your subscription plan. If you want unlimited texting and video messaging, you will be charged $65 per week at Talkspace. Although, if you add one video conferencing session a month, your cost will increase up to $79 per week and $99 if you go for one video chat per week.

Relatively Cheaper: Talkspace offers low prices to treat several psychiatric issues. The platform is compatible with insurance providers such as Living, Cigna, and GatorCare. The subsidized treatment implies that one can get therapy without spending a lot of money.

Free 10-Minute Video Chat: The service allows people to introduce themselves to their therapists in a 10-minute video chat. The session is freely available after registration.

Therapy For Every Age Group: Whether you are a teenager, adult, or a married person, Talkspace will provide you with the best treatment. The platform has professionals specialized in different fields who can handle all your issues. Consequently, many customers use it as a one-stop solution for their therapy needs.


  • Provides treatment for people of every age group
  • Gives multiple therapists options 
  • Allows you to introduce yourself in a 10-minute video chat for free as you sign up
  • Offers evaluation and medication management


  • Therapists might take hours to respond to your messages
  • Prefers medication over therapy

=> click here to visit the official website of Talkspace

#4. BetterHelp - Most Flexible Online Platform For Mental Health Professionals

BetterHelp is the most popular online therapy service for a reason. It has easy navigation and is relatively cheaper than other online services. Therefore, it is more suitable for people's requirements. The eight-year-old platform has thousands of therapists worldwide. It grew from a small online treatment program to the most diverse and well-known platform.

Many telemedicine companies give mental health services, and BetterHelp entirely works on teletherapy. BetterHelp says it has helped 1.6 million users due to its 21,000 expert counselors. The program is suitable for teenagers, couples, and individuals.

You can check therapists with full bios before joining the site, so you don't worry about the standards. When you first register on the site, you'll be asked to fill out a form with your personal information. After you've completed the form, you'll be given payment options. The site will tell you about weekly fees and the four-week fee your therapist will charge.

BetterHelp matches you with a therapist according to your questionnaire and can take about a couple of hours or days. However, one can go for self assigning option and choose a therapist based on their sex, race, years of expertise, and more. You can then speak to your therapist in a secure chat room and schedule a live session. If you don’t feel satisfied with your current therapist, you may switch them using the “Change Counselor” option. This will show you several licensed therapists.

Lastly, BetterHelp is the high rated online therapy platform with multiple therapists treating different issues. Additionally, the platform is transparent about securing its customers’ personal information. One can find detailed information related to this feature on their website.


Privacy: The conversations in BetterHelp's chat room remain saved so that you can reread them anytime. The platform claims that its therapists are compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This implies that Federal Law secures your sensitive health information.

Groupinars: BetterHelp gives more than 20 live group seminars each week, called "groupinars." The discussion topics of groupinars vary from sleeping patterns to anxiety and depression.

Flexibility: The platform lets you talk with your therapist through chat, message, or video. Additionally, customers have the option to message their counselors 24/7. There is no such limitation as setting an appointment before speaking to your therapist. If you want a live video session, you can place an appropriate time by using the scheduler while confirming with your therapist. The duration of live video, chat, or audio call sessions are about 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the therapist’s availability.

Financial Assistance: BetterHelp supports people financially if they fit its eligibility criteria. These people include unemployed individuals or someone with financial difficulty. You can apply for financial help during the sign-up process. This program makes the brand stand out from the rest as it offers opportunities for those who can't afford therapy to access world-class therapy sessions.


  • Providers' bios are accessible on the website before signing up
  • Needy people can get financial aid after qualifying for their assessment
  • Easy process of switching therapist
  • Improves psychic treatment by assigning homework


  • Lacks free trial

=> click here to visit the official website of BetterHelp

#5. Regain - Recommended Couple Therapy Service With Medication Management

ReGainlies on the list of the best online couple therapy services for marriage counseling. The program offers support and encouragement to married couples along with counseling. It entirely works on couple counseling to shape and boost the bond between the couple and let go of their unwanted clashes.

In some cases, both partners work to reach a common goal. Only one individual receives treatment to improve communication and build trust in other circumstances. The goal in all scenarios is to form a strong and long-lasting relationship based on trust and understanding.

You and your partner will start by filling out a questionnaire that addresses your goals and issues. Whether it's adultery or lack of communication and trust, you can mention every marital issue. Your matched therapist will try to understand your issues better and develop suitable treatment.

A therapist form also allows the user to select the traits they want in their counselor. The results will enable the customer to connect with the best available counselor.

As soon as the matching process completes, you and your partner can enter a secure chat room to speak to your therapist 24/7. ReGain provides only live video sessions since three-way calling isn't available. However, the couple or a partner can write their thoughts or voice their expressions visible to both the therapist and another partner. The therapist can reply to their messages, offering advice on coping with their issues.

The platform serves as a go-to source for professionals dealing with marriage problems. Despite the lack of customer service during the registration process, ReGain's benefits outweigh its drawbacks. The site offers a user-friendly interface that allows people to approach the service for help with their marital issues.


Relationship Counseling: ReGain is best for couple and relationship therapy. The therapists at ReGain have either doctoral or master’s degrees. In addition, they have years of hands-on experience in relationship counseling.

Financial Aid and Discounts: Some discount offers are available for specific people, such as military veterans and college students. However, you may get a discount by applying any available promo code. Additionally, if you don’t have the budget, you can apply for financial aid.

Exceptional Privacy: Customers can freely discuss their private marital concerns with ReGain. Thanks to the encrypted and safe live sessions, people can get rid of their emotional difficulties without worries. Your counselor will listen to your concerns and then propose a solution. The company doesn’t accept health insurance. Your information remains between you and your therapist. Furthermore, you can remove your message from the conversation by clicking the “shred” button.


  • Specialization in couples therapy
  • Price for two people is the same as for one
  • Live video sessions are encouraged
  • Provides financial aid
  • Secure website


  • The registration process doesn’t have customer support

=> click here to visit the official website of ReGain

How We Made This List For Choosing The Best Virtual Therapy Services

We deeply researched each company to ensure reliability. Our listed companies reflect the best features, including industry practices, quality, and optimistic social effects related to equity, incorporation, and diversity.

Teletherapy doesn’t fit in the context of “one-size-fits-all.” Thus you need to be more specific when looking for an online therapist, whether you need clinical therapy, couples therapy, or adult psychotherapy.

In addition, there are other features too that need to be considered before picking the best online therapy service, for instance, pricing, plans, and therapy format options (text messaging, video chatting, or phone calling). Fortunately, you don’t have to be concerned anymore because this post got you.

Suppose you are all set to communicate with an online therapist but don’t know how to pick the most suitable one. Here is a list of our top 5 best online therapy services in 2022.

Also, we made sure that every company must offer flexible fees and a payment gateway to suit each individual's needs.

What We Looked For

  • Communication Methods: The three most popular means of online therapy are live chats, video conferencing, and phone calls. These are not the only options. If you are uncomfortable with live chats, you can choose unlimited texting and email communication. The perfect communication method is the one that suits you. Live video chats can be an excellent option for those who prefer to speak with their therapist in a calmer environment. Choose a company offering unlimited texting if you are in a tight spot. 
  • Availability of Different Languages: The United States doesn’t have any national language, as many residents of America speak different languages. Additionally, if you have migrated to America from a country where the English language is not common, you might not prefer having sessions in English. Many online therapy platforms have licensed therapists who offer various language therapy sessions. Talkspace is one of them. This platform’s therapists speak and understand over 30 languages, including French, Spanish, Urdu, etc. Furthermore, it also offers regional and cultural dialects, for instance, African American Vernacular English (AAVE).
  • Health Insurance: It doesn’t matter whether your health insurance takes charge of your pre-existing mental health conditions. You may not be able to use it. Many platforms refuse to accept medical insurance. If you pick such a company, you need to spend money out of pocket. However, some benefits come with non-insurance companies. For example, you won’t need to pay higher premiums or get diagnosed and treatment that might wear down your confidentiality. Furthermore, you can choose your provider since your insurance doesn't cover expenses. Up to 70% of the people who need mental health care don't have access to it.
  • Licensed Therapists: Mental health specialists must pass the licensing process to be approved. This method confirms a person's capacity to deliver the best therapy to those with mental health issues. To protect patients' rights, licensing boards also provide rules of ethics. One must always choose a licensed therapist, even if it is a quick online session. We selected companies with a strong reputation for hiring the most dependable mental health professionals from various fields. For instance, Pride Counseling has several therapists with either masters' or doctoral degrees.
  • Choosing a Therapist: Who would you rely on? Algorithms or humans? This is how the therapist matching process works. Algorithms can quickly choose high-quality therapists. Humans, on the other hand, can become genuine matchmakers. The best online therapy programs provide multiple options, so you can select a new therapist if the previous one doesn’t sit well with you. 

Buying Guide: How to Online Mental Health Counseling 

There are many factors to consider when choosing an online therapist, some of which are more important than others. It is essential that you write down your goals and expectations beforehand. This can make it easier for you to focus on your requirements. Here are some factors to consider before registration:

  • Price 

You won’t need insurance coverage to get high-quality therapy. Many online therapy services offer cheap subscription plans and discounts without insurance coverage. Thus you should invest more of your time finding exemplary service with an economical cost to lower your cost of treatment.

Additionally, you can choose private practicing therapists who treat people without health insurance at an affordable price range.

  • Flexible Schedule

If you are a person with a busy schedule, virtual counseling is for you. Virtual therapy lets you choose appointment timings that might not be available in in-person treatment. Considering your schedule, you can set your appointments on weekends or after work. You can also choose subscription plans that include 24 hours texting, live sessions, and much more.

Furthermore, you must assess the severity of your symptoms and your particular mental health concerns.

  • App Security

When people are new to therapy, they feel tense when discussing personal matters with their therapists. It is natural that they worry about data security and think about how secure the platform is. You might be one of them.

Therefore, you should ensure that the company you choose is HIPAA compliant and maintains the chats' security.

  • Licensed Therapists

Licensing is the protection you need. Counselors and psychotherapists are not legally protected in several states. Anyone can mention that they are therapists and provide services the same as a therapist. It is tricky to tell if you are receiving evidence-based counseling.

Every therapist must be licensed by the state they live in. This way, only qualified and trained people get authorization to practice. Thus before signing up on any website, you must check if the therapist has the license, location, and number. Many states provide a free online directory that lists professionals licensed in the same state.

  • Personal Preferences

Many people feel comfortable around those who have something in common with them. Therefore they are likely to share their personal issues with them. It might be beneficial for you to select a therapist who has similarities to you. For instance, you may easily open up to someone of the same race or gender. This is specifically important if you are classified as LGBTQ, BIPOC, or Latinx. If you don't relate to any of these, you would still like to pick someone with a compatible tone of communication, personality, and sense of humor.

  • Credentials 

A person who calls themselves a licensed therapist or doctor must possess a master's or Ph.D. degree. Licensed therapists practice under the supervision of fully licensed counselors for 2-3 years. A licensed therapist can add "A" (stands for associate) in their credentials reliant on the type of license. Many insurance companies don't support therapy sessions if the therapist is unlicensed. So ensure that your chosen counselor is licensed.

  • Customer Reviews

Before subscribing to an online therapy service, it is essential to find out what past customers say about the platform. Therefore, first, visit consumer review platforms such as Trustpilot and check the company’s score. The best platforms have ratings between four to five. Moreover, ensure you read the reviews and find one where the user was in your situation. This will help shape your expectations.

FAQs: Online Psychologist  For Mental Health Therapy

  1. Is online therapy effective?

A recent study suggests that online therapies may be more effective than in-person therapies. As per research, teletherapy may require 7.8 times less time to treat the issue. This implies that counselors can efficiently detect the issue and treat it immediately.

There are quite a few reasons behind teletherapy being more effective. Firstly, speaking to your therapist through video chat reduces the stigma related to therapy. You can go with the flow easily without worrying about meeting someone you know while waiting or during the conversation.

Secondly, with virtual therapy, you can feel more comfortable sharing personal information that you might not be able to share in in-person therapy. Additionally, you can register on any online therapy platform with your nickname to hide your identity.

Lastly, people are more likely to seek help online. The virtual platform lets the therapist easily identify the mental health problem and treat it in its infancy. Furthermore, virtual therapy can save you from intensive and complex issues in the future.

  1. What is the importance of teletherapy?

According to a study conducted at the University of California, teletherapy is as efficient as in-person therapy. It is a suitable alternative to treat mental health conditions like depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and others.

Teletherapy comprises the usage of phone calls, video chats, text messaging, and smartphone apps. Different platforms have different specializations, and within a single service, different therapists might treat specific mental health issues. Additionally, some counselors might write prescriptions for medicines as well.

Though these platforms emerged because of the need for people to speak to their therapists from the comfort of their own homes, virtual therapy has gained popularity as people can get help online with one click. In addition, it is a straightforward approach to reach someone who knows your issues, although your acquaintances don't. For example, you feel threatened because of your sexuality (homo) in your people.

  1. Who is eligible for online therapy? 

Online therapy is considered a safe and secure way to address your issues and experiences. Furthermore, teletherapy is relatively more economical than in-person therapy.

Speaking to an online counselor can improve your mental well-being. The Internet is full of online mental health professionals specializing in every field. If you still feel like your issue is uncommon, then talking to an online therapist through texting can sort out your problem.

Virtual therapy has many benefits that users can get. However, some points might prove it to be not suitable. For instance, teletherapy is not for you if you have suicidal thoughts or psychosis. Severe conditions like these will need you to attend in-person therapy to get immense support and care.

Finally, you might depend on the person’s body language to understand their mind. Virtual therapy binds the ability to read someone, specifically if you have connectivity issues during video conferencing. It might become tricky for you to develop a meaningful relationship with your counselor through video chat or phone calls.

  1. How expensive is online therapy?

The cost of virtual therapy varies from company to company and depends on the subscription plan. Generally, virtual therapy platforms charge more than texting. The average price of teletherapy ranges between $40 and $120 per week.

When you say subscription plan, it implies a set of services offered. Some companies charge you according to a group of services you are enjoying. For example, you choose unlimited texting and video call sessions per week. Subscription plans are generally cheaper, specifically if you don't have good health insurance coverage.

People should keep in mind that in-person therapy is more expensive. People pay around $90 to $150 per hour for one quick session. If you reside in major metro areas like San Francisco and New York City, the price might touch the sky. Therefore, it is better to go for online therapy instead of meeting an in-person therapist.

  1. Is teletherapy safe and secure?

The online therapy services mentioned in this article are safe and secure. Of course, no one would like to have intimidating conversations with their counselor only to find out their personal information leaked. Licensed therapists are bound to follow a code of ethics that involves securing their patients' personal information as they come in for a session.

Talkspace is a perfect example of high-grade encryption that secures your personal and financial data.

  1. Are online therapists legit?

Not all online therapy sites are legit. Some are scam schemes created to defraud people of their money. Therefore, you should be extra keen when looking for online therapy. With the never-ending list ofonline therapy websites, locating the legit ones can be a headache. Fortunately, we compiled a list of the most important factors to consider when choosing online therapy. Look at aspects such as price, flexibility, personal preferences, and app security.

Moreover, you can consider checking for online consumer reviews to give you a clear picture of how the service operates. Be careful with platforms with no reviews or those with none.

Wrapping Up: Is Online Therapy Effective?

Mental stress can steal your stamina, and you end up exhausted while your daily tasks remain unattended. In this instance, you think about sharing your thoughts and emotions with someone who can ease your depression and anxiety. The best way to cope with your issues is by speaking to a virtual therapist without the need of commuting. If you're unhappy with your online counselor for any reason, you can click a button to get matched with another online therapy provider. To effectively relieve stress, you can also use the best supplements for anxiety.

Online therapy is better than in-person in various aspects. You can speak your heart out by using your phone or tablet with an active internet connection. Virtual therapy lets you come face-to-face to your counselor during live video sessions. However, if you don’t prefer live sessions, you can also opt for text messaging. All counselors are psychologists, licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers, or licensed professional therapists.

A wide range of online therapy services is available with different specializations and plans. One can pick out any platform according to their personal preferences. However, not every platform is trustworthy. If you want to spend your money on reliable service, check out our recommendations and buying guide to get the best online therapy.

Disclosure- We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We do not test each product thoroughly but give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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