Best online tarot reading: 5 Best accurate tarot card reading platforms in 2022

8:49 AM, Apr 27, 2022
8:49 AM, Apr 27, 2022

Who could’ve imagined that a single pair of cards could point to your future surprises? Tarot cards were invented in the far 1430s, while people began to use them in the 1780s for fortune-telling purposes.

Each card has a unique meaning and spiritual manner. People who know how to read them are gifted people who understand the meaning of spiritual signs sent by the universe.

Tarot cards sparkle in everyone’s mind. Many people face increased curiosity and desire to visit a tarot reader that can uncover significant life changes.

Ever since online tarot reading has become a thing, you do not need to search for a tarot store downtown. Thanks to the internet, they have become more accessible, and everyone can easily arrange a session. Whether you like to hear the reading on a video call, phone call, or just in messages, you can do it by checking the following websites.

We researched five psychic platforms that provide excellent tarot card readings by accurate, professional, and experienced advisors. Each psychic is unique, and every session will be unique since the cards appear by themselves.

Without any further ado, let's get started.

Top 5 Picks For Best Online Tarot Reading Sites[2022]:

  1. Purple Garden - Overall Best Tarot Reading Site, Editor’s Choice
  2. Keen - Most Trusted Tarot Cards Reading Site For Numerology & Astrology Answers 
  3. Kasamba - Highly Accurate & Free Psychic Source Online  
  4.  AskNow - Best Tarot Card Spreads For Love Readings & Life Suggestions
  5. Oranum - Recommended Psychic Psychic Reading For Professional Fortune Teller 

#1.Purple Garden - Overall Best Tarot Reading Site, Editor’s Choice

Purple Garden is the best psychic platform suitable for mobile use since it supports an app for both iOS and Android. The app gives fast access to dozens of readings, and you can join a session anytime and anywhere.

The readers undergo a screening test that requires submitting a video reading session. The website analyzes the video and decides if the psychic will get the job. The psychics’ profiles are public, and every client can open and read them.

The profiles must have a real photo of the advisor, a description of the services they offer, and their methods of communication with the clients.


To begin with a session, you need to create an account, which is relatively fast and straightforward. Then, you should open the menu on the top left corner and choose the reading you are interested in. Once you select the reading type, the advisors’ profiles will appear on the screen.

You can easily select the profiles you like by managing the filters. The filters allow you to select the advisors by their reading method, reviews, price, and activity status. Tarot readers are the most researched on the website, and most clients are satisfied with the readings based on the reviews.

The price starts as low as $0,99 per minute, while it can not be over $14,99 per minute for the most experienced and highly reputed readers. Most tarot readers specialize in unique tarot types, such as Nouveau and Egyptian.

Clients' reviews are available on every advisor profile, so you can check if people enjoyed the readings or do not recommend the psychic.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PurpleGarden


  • Best for mobile phone use.
  • Prices as low as $0,99/minute
  • Clients’ reviews on each profile
  • Filters to select the best reader
  • Advisors' bios are publicly shared
  • Multiple reading methods to choose from


  • The readings can be different from reader to reader, everyone works their own way

#2. Keen - Most Trusted Tarot Cards Reading Site For Numerology & Astrology Answers

With its two-decade existence, Keen gives its clients the best reading services for the best price. Since its founding, Keen has held over 35 million reading sessions with people worldwide.

Creating an account on this platform is free and simple, and it will only take you a few minutes. The registration process requires entering the payment method to allow you to use the free and paid services.

You can choose the right match based on your needs by filtering the advisors and checking their profiles. Before paying for a session, you can learn more about them, their reading methods, tools, and client reviews.


Tarot readings may give you great advice and guide you in many life aspects. Tarot cards may give you answers, help you find meaning, or gain insight. The readers have years of experience and provide excellent readings in the emotional and spiritual areas.

The prices vary depending on the advisor’s experience, popularity, services, and reading methods. The best readers offer sessions with a price of $9,99 per minute, while new and less experienced readers can offer readings as low as $1,99 per minute.

The first three minutes are free for every new client, so you can enjoy the free trial and decide if you like the reading and want to continue it, or stop there and choose another reader. Keenwill give you discount packages, too, so you can choose a 10-minute reading for only $1,99. These offers are available only for clients who recently joined the platform.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen


  • Experienced and trusted psychic platform
  • Free trial and discount package
  • Affordable prices
  • Dozens of different readers and reading methods
  • Live chat, email, and phone readings
  • Public advisors bios


  • Some readers don’t have enough experience and cannot give you solid answers
  • Video conversations are not available

#3. Kasamba - Highly Accurate & Free Psychic Source Online

Kasambamay give you a journey toward a brighter future and may guide you to choose the right path in life. The platform has existed since 1999 and provides its clients with satisfaction and accuracy. There is no room for negative energy and disappointment; Kasamba’s advisors are some of the best and most experienced readers online. Apart from tarot card reading sessions, this site also offers angel card and cartomancy card readings.

The psychics are available 24/7, so you will never have to wait too long to get an answer or appoint a live phone session.

Advisors’ profiles are public, and you can open them and read their bios to find the most suitable match. You can also select the price and choose an advisor based on your budget.


Registering on Kasamba will give you three free minutes and a 70% discount on the first reading session. The prices begin from $1,99 and cannot be over $30 per minute. Advisors set the price based on their services, reputation, and experience. This is unlike some other online tarot reading sites, which limit free minutes to your first psychic reading.

The most experienced tarot readers specialize in multiple life branches and may give precise answers to many concerning questions. You can ensure it by checking the clients’ reviews on the psychic’s profile.

Using the free trial and the welcome discount, you can enjoy the first session with some of the most popular tarot readers without paying hundreds of dollars. You can choose a conversation method, too. The psychics offer live chat, email, and phone readings.

The platform has a success rate of over 90%, so you can feel more confident to choose a psychic and possibly get meaningful guidance and answers on the concerning topic. You can send messages to your favorite psychic 24/7 and get a response ASAP.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba


  • Highest success rate
  • Over 90% of the clients were delighted
  • Hundreds of psychics with years of experience
  • Prices as low as $1,99 per minute
  • Detailed filter options
  • 24/7 available psychics


  • Kasamba does not offer live video reading sessions
  • Not all psychics offer guaranteed satisfaction

#4.  AskNow - Best Tarot Card Spreads For Love Readings & Life Suggestions

As a new user, AskNow will give you five free minutes for the first session and prices as low as $1 per minute. This offer is only for new clients and their first reading session. If you are not satisfied with the first reading, you can ask for five bonus minutes for the next session.

AskNow was founded in 2005, and today, it has become one of the most popular psychic platforms online. AskNow is a legitimate platform that connects you with the highest reputed advisors specializing in various fields.

You can use the filter feature to choose the best psychic specializing in the desired topic of your life. You can also choose the price range, reading method, tools, and advisor’s rating to find the one that suits your needs and budget.

Asknow has an educational corner that will help you understand the readings and reading tools better before paying for the session.


The platform has three levels of psychic advisors. Top-Rated ones offer readings from $3,99 to $9,99 per minute, Elite Advisors charge from $10 to $13 per minute, while Master Advisors give the best sessions with high satisfaction that cost over $13 per minute.

Tarot readings are done mainly by phone, and you can check the psychics’ online status before calling them. Tarot readings might give you answers for multiple life fields and help you make the right decision.

The psychic’s profile is filled with essential information about the reading methods, qualifications, language, and a full description of the services given by the specific advisor

.⇒ Visit the Official Website of AskNow


  • Dozens of reading categories
  • Various communication methods
  • Free 5 minutes for the first session
  • Prices suitable for everyone’s budget
  • Free daily horoscope
  • 24/7 available customer support


  • Not all psychics give satisfactory sessions
  • Master and Elite advisors offer pricy readings

#5. Oranum - Recommended Psychic Psychic Reading For Professional Fortune Teller 

Oranum will allow you to use the website and explore its services for free. The registration process will not ask you to enter the payment method to explore the website. Once you ensure that you have found the thing you were searching for, you can choose the psychic and then enter the credit card.

Once you enter the payment option, Oranum will give you $9,99 as credits that you can use for the first reading session. This platform allows you to communicate with the psychic via live video chat. You can also join public reading sessions and see how the readings go.


The best thing about this platform is the feature that allows you to join live tarot reading sessions and see the cards and the advisor himself. You will be able to see the picked cards and hear accurate predictions.

Tarot readings have multiple subcategories that allow you to choose the ideal psychic reader. The categories offer gypsy and rune readings, too. Once you choose the desired tarot reading category, you will be able to see available advisors that can talk with you at that moment and those who are not online, but you can still call them to arrange a reading session.

The sessions' prices are not specified since all psychics set different prices. Oranum will offer you multiple promo packages and free minutes so you can use the credits to pay for a session. The rates per minute can start from $0,39 and over, which is relatively cheaper than other similar platforms.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Oranum


  • $9,99 free welcome credits
  • Live video readings
  • Hundreds of trusted and experienced psychics
  • Various reading topics and methods
  • Standard and unusual tarot readings
  • Prices as low as $0,39 per minute


  • Oranum doesn’t give refunds for dissatisfaction
  • Not all psychics will give you precise answers

How We Made This List Of Top Online Tarot Readers & Psychic Reading Sites?

  • Checking the reputation

Our research experience is always sticking around the reputation. It reflects real clients' experiences with the specific services the brand or the platform offers. In this case, we were searching for trusted psychic websites since they require paid services, and we do not want to lead you into fake readings and services.

All five platforms on this list have good to excellent reputations, which is a great sign of their trustworthiness and accuracy. The reputation shows that the services described by the advisors are accurate and helpful for most clients. A good reputation is always a green light for trying the brand or its services.

  • What other clients are saying

Clients’ experiences and brands’ reputations go hand in hand. The brand can not be highly reputed if the clients are disappointed with its goods and services. That is why we set client reviews as our second criterion. Once we separated the brands by their reputation, we opened and read most of the reviews left on the website.

These five psychic platforms have thousands of satisfied clients that highly recommend all the services offered on the site. The customers love that there are psychic services for everyone’s budget. Then, they also like the free trial, the various categories, reading methods, etc. We can count to infinity because every customer is satisfied with something more and more.

  • The price per minute for the reading session

All new clients can receive a free trial or a considerable discount on their first session. After the free session, they can continue the reading by paying the price that the psychic has set. The platform does not predict the prices. They are set by the readers themselves, based on their professionalism, qualifications, powers, and experiences.

Higher-reputed psychics cost more, which does not mean that the more affordable options are bad at doing their job. You get what you pay for. However, even average-priced psychics can give you the desired answers if you share accurate information and ask about specific life events/issues.

  • Psychics’ qualifications and experience

We noticed that these platforms are not allowing everyone to be a member and offer psychic readings or other fortune predictions. All those psychics that appear once you open the website undergo testing and strict screening for accuracy before being allowed to offer their services there.

Their profiles are publicly available so that everyone can check their reputation, specialties, experiences, pricing, communication method, tools used for the reading sessions, etc. A large number of the profiles we checked have over 4.5 out of 5-star reputations, which is an excellent sign that these people have a special gift and provide incredible readings and sessions.

  • Session communication method

Some clients enjoy texting, and others like to see the psychic face to face during the session. Because of the various individual desires, we set the communication method as our last criterion in our research. These platforms offer a variety of communication methods that can meet everyone’s needs. You can use the filters to find the best reader by the communication method.

Video call, phone call, live chat, or email, you can choose what you prefer the most and enjoy your reading session. We need to mention that some of the most popular readers are often busy, and you need to make an appointment for a live video or phone session.

Beginners Guide for People Using Online Tarot Reading for the First Time

  • Check websites trustworthiness

Psychic websites require paid services. It is not clever to share the credit card numbers everywhere, so keep in mind to check the website's safety and trustworthiness before sharing any sensitive information. You can open statistics and articles that recommend specific platforms or warn you to stay away from others.

Not every website offers what it promises, so stay safe and ensure it is a trusted platform before spending a lot of money on poor services. Trusted websites offer high encryption protection over the payment method information and give you peace of mind to continue using the services without being frauded.

  • How experienced and gifted the psychics are

Not all the advisors on the specific website offer a satisfaction guarantee. Some of them might be gifted, but they do not have a lot of experience and might not give you the desired answers. However, that is not the case with everyone, so check the bio and psychic’s profile before paying for the session.

Most websites will allow you to read psychics' bio and see their specialties, experience, tools, and communication methods. You can also use the filters to get only the profiles that match your desires. In the bio, the psychics show the price per minute they charge for the sessions.

  • If other clients experience satisfactory readings

Public advisors’ profiles will let you read all the reviews by previous clients who paid for a session. You can determine if the advisor provides what he promises and ensure that the clients have a positive experience.

The testimonials determine the rating. You can choose the psychics by their ratings and positive reviews. Not everyone gives expected predictions and readings, so do not forget to check the reviews before spending money on trashy services.

  • Check the price

Most websites offer price filters that allow you to choose a psychic on your budget. The prices can be as low as $0,39 per minute, while the highest reputed and elite psychics may charge over $30 per minute. The price is set by the advisors. The more experienced and qualified advisors, the higher the price per minute.

The platform is not determining their prices but can give you free minutes, discounts, or credits to try the services before actually paying the price for the first session. Every psychic shares the price in their bios, so keep in mind to check the price and time per session before getting stuck with your credit card.

  • Search for a free trial before paying for the entire session

Most trusted psychic platforms offer free trials or credits for the first session. If you are new to these websites, you can test the services before actually paying for them. Some psychic platforms offer free trials, while others give you free credits or a huge discount on the first session. Many websites offer free tarot reading sessions, but they are mostly vague and unclear.

Once you register on the website, ensure that you have received the free trial or the credits that the website offers, so you can try the chosen psychic and see if the reading gives you satisfaction. Some psychic websites give refunds, while others do not, so be careful and limit your expenses. Elite and Master readers might charge over $30 per minute, and you do not want to waste hundreds of dollars on unsatisfactory reading sessions.

Comparison: Online VS Offline Tarot Card Reading Services

  • You can choose the psychic

Online platforms allow you to choose the psychic reader who suits you the most. You can also see his bio and learn his specialties to ensure you get the answers you seek. You can search for another reader if you are not satisfied with the first one, which is unavailable in offline reading sessions.

  • It is more convenient

Online reading is more convenient than offline because who knows where the tarot reading store is? You can choose the website of your liking and access it easily, plus you can choose the reading category and the reader. On the other hand, a tarot card reader in an offline tarot card reading involves an in-session where both the reader and client are in one room.

  • You can spend how much you want

Online tarot reading allows you to choose the best reader based on his reputation and price. You can quit the session if you think the reader told you enough for the paid amount. While offline tarot readers charge as much as they want and you can not predict the price upfront because the reading session quality sets it.

  • You can do it from home

You save gas, time, and money by using online tarot card reading services. You can do it while drinking your coffee or tea, or when you have free time and want to spend some of it on tarot readings. Offline tarot readings are usually in a store or at the reader’s house, which is “God knows where,” and it might be 30 minutes away from your home.

Frequently Asked Questions On Online Tarot Card Readings

Q1. What is Tarot?

Tarot is a set of cards with different pictures than a regular card deck. Tarot cards are used for divination and future prediction in different life fields. People who know how to read these cards may give you greater control and advice for specific life issues, like relationships, health, family, life changes, career, finances, etc.

These cards have been used for over 500 years. Their symbols remain a mystery, and not everyone can read them. There are two tarot cards types, Minor and Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana contains 22 cards and uncovers greater secrets, while Minor Arcana has 56 cards and uncovers lesser secrets.

Q2. Can tarot cards predict the future?

Some people believe that tarot can predict the future, while others are skeptical about tarot readings. There is a possibility that tarot cards might give directions or warnings for things in the present that might reflect some feature events.

Tarot meanings may uncover some current events or situations that you should consider changing in upcoming events. They might give you advice and direction to choose the right path and avoid some unwanted situations in the future.

Q3. How much does a tarot reading session cost?

The price for a session depends on the chosen tarot psychic reader and his qualifications. Some advisors charge $1 per minute, while the most popular, experienced, and trusted psychics may charge over $30 per minute. So, you can calculate your budget and choose the one that suits you the most.

You should also keep an eye on the session time since there are psychics who want to sugarcoat the readings and extend the time to charge you more.

Conclusion: What are the Best Psychic Reading Platforms?

Tarot cards are mysterious cards with hidden signs. Only gifted people can connect the meaning with your current condition and may warn you if you are on the wrong path in life. When looking for a tarot card reading online, choose a platform that offers multiple specialties. The psychics might give you satisfactory reading sessions for low prices. Today, you can take advantage of tarot card reading services from the comfort of your home through online tarot reading websites.

You can choose a communication method and appoint a reading session online. You can also pay how much you want and enjoy these websites' free trials.

We like online tarot readings more than offline because you can find a match with a psychic from a different part of the world who has an exceptional gift to predict the future and see the present.

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