Best credit card companies: Top issuers of credit cards for bad credit (2022)

8:58 AM, Jun 23, 2022

All of us know how fast the costs of everyday life increase. That way, we tend to spend more money instead of saving. A credit card may be a good option in that case, but on the other hand, we should have a healthy credit score.

Having a bad credit score means you are not eligible for a credit card. This can be fixed because you can obtain one in other ways. The benefits may not be the same as regular credit cards, but they may be the only way out.

Getting a credit card with a bad credit score may help you improve your credit score over time. The credit score can be improved if you manage your account well, stay within the credit limit, and make minimum monthly payments.

We chose the five best credit cards for bad credit that take less than a minute of approval. Keep reading the article and find which credit card is the right for your financial situation.

Best Credit Cards Deal Of 2022

  1. First access Visa credit card - Overall Best Credit Card Offers To Apply Online
  2. Open Sky secured Visa card - Top Credit Cards Company For Poor Credit Score Holders
  3. Surge Platinum Mastercard - Reliable Issuers Of Credit Cards For Bad Credit
  4. Fit Platinum Mastercard -  Recommended Credit Card Deals With Sign-Up Bonuses
  5. Reflex Platinum Mastercard - Suitable Credit Cards Matched To Credit Profile

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. First access Visa credit card - Overall Best Credit Card Offers To Apply Online


This credit card was created by The Bank of Missouri, primarily to help people with poor or no credit. It is easy to qualify for this card, and the users can get all benefits of having a genuine Unsecured Visa credit card.

First access Visa sends reports to all three major card bureaus every month to help users build their credit history. The users should be aware that these credit cards come with higher fees and some non-refundable one-time charges.

All interested individuals should meet some requirements to be eligible for applying for the First access Visa credit cards. The users should be citizens of the USA, be older than 18 years, and have a checking account. The application is quite easy and simple, and it takes only a few minutes.

The applicants can fill the application form online. They need to share some personal information, as well as details about their monthly income and employment. The users can pick their favorite card design for the First access Visa credit card.

First access Visa is a rare credit card that offers easy approval for everyone with poor or damaged credit scores, but it requires having a checking account.


This card is packed with several features that make this card a great option for rebuilding credit. It is an unsecured credit card, meaning it does not require a security deposit to open the card. The starting credit limit for this card is always $300, which is not a bad starting limit for an unsecured card type.

First access Visa does not charge monthly or cash advance fees for the first 12 months. All users are charged a $95 one-time program fee once they get application approval. The annual fee for the first year is $75, which is upfront charged and deducted from users’ overall credit limit. Every next year, the balance transfer fee drops to $48.

The user will be charged another annual fee of about $29 on the supplementary cards, if there are any. The applicants would not be charged a monthly fee in the first year but from month number 13. They have to pay $8.25 per month for the monthly service.

Late payments and all returned payments are charged with penalties of up to $40. The users will be charged a cash advance fee from the beginning of the second year, which is $10 or 3% per transaction.


First access Visa is secured under California privacy rights. California residents have a right to request deleting all personal information that the company collected from the consumer. The company stores users’ data in electronic databases.

The database access is limited to trusted people with a legitimate business purpose of accessing such information. The company maintains physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with the federal standards to protect the information about the applicants.


  • The card is accepted nationwide
  • Easy and secure online application
  • Easy to qualify even with bad credit
  • Awesome credit-building tool
  • Reports to the three major credit bureaus
  • $300 starting credit limit
  • Supplementary cards allowed
  • Free monthly services in the first year


  • High APR and no chase ultimate rewards
  • One-time $95 sign-on program fee required

=>Click here to visit the official website “First access Visa credit card”

#2. Open Sky Secured Visa Card - Top Credit Cards Company For Poor Credit Score Holders


Having a bad credit score can make it hard to qualify for a credit card. It is not a case with the Open Sky secured Visa card, which does not require a credit check while applying. It is relatively simple to get approved for this credit card, but there are still some requirements that the applicants should meet to qualify for an Open Sky Visa.

The applicants need to provide their Social Security number or an individual taxpayer ID number. They need to be citizens or permanent residents of the USA, have a monthly income greater than the monthly expenses and have to pay a security deposit, which is refundable once the account is closed in good standing.

Most credit cards require having a bank account, which is not the case with the Open Sky Visa credit card. The applicants can pay the security deposit with a money order or a Western Union payment. The credit card bills can be paid by money order also.

There is a piece of information that even 99% of the Open Sky Visa credit card built up their credit score within six months of using this card. This card is the best credit builder option.


Open Sky secured Visa requires an upfront refundable security deposit to determine users’ initial credit limit. The average security deposit is $200, which is fairly accessible even if the users are short on cash. The users can deposit up to $3000 and get a matching credit limit, which is relatively high for a secured card.

Another thing that keeps Open Sky Visa apart from other similar credit cards is the APR, which is lower than the average APR required for the business credit cards. Many cards require up to 20%, even 25% APR, while the Open Sky Visa charges 17.39%. This APR is a great feature, suitable for those who suspect that they may struggle to pay off the balance each month.

This credit card has a relatively low annual fee of $35. Many secured credit cards may charge up to $50, even $75 per year. The cardholders are not charged an application fee, processing, or servicing fee. The users should be aware of penalty charges like a $38 late payment fee, a $25 returned payment fee, a 3% foreign transaction fee, and a 6$ cash advance fee.


Users' data is protected by encrypting sensitive information with 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This means all sensitive data can be viewed by the Open Sky and the user. The website uses a firewall system and intrusion detection software for system protection.

The credit card company works with a third-party vendor that provides strong authentication controls. The controls follow the guidance provided to all financial institutions by the banking regulations of the Federal Government.


  • Best for credit score improvement
  • No credit check
  • Best for bad credit score
  • Does not require a bank or credit union
  • Low APR
  • Low annual fee
  • No hidden fees
  • The users set their security deposit
  • Secured user data
  • Email alerts and mobile app management


  • No welcome awards
  • Minimum deposit required

=>Click to visit the official website “Open Sky Secured Visa Card”

#3. Surge Platinum Mastercard - Reliable Issuers Of Credit Cards For Bad Credit


The Surge Platinum Mastercard is issued by Celtic Bank and serviced by Continental Finance. It is an unsecured credit card that targets those with a poor credit score. This card can be an effective tool for rebuilding credit. The monthly payments are reported to the three major credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

Because this credit card is unsecured, meaning the users do not need an upfront security deposit as with the secured credit cards. This card requires costs, which depend on the users’ creditworthiness. However, a refundable security deposit may apply if the applicants fail to qualify for the Surge Mastercard.

This credit card has great buying power, and the users can use it wherever Mastercard is accepted. They can shop everywhere, in stores, markets, online, or outside. Some users can get high credit limits of up to $750. Applying for this secured credit card is super easy and quick and can be completed entirely online.

The users should use this balance transfer card to make small eligible purchases during the month and pay their balance in full when the statement arrives. As time passes, users who make on-time payments and never miss their payments will notice great credit reflection because of their good financial behavior.


The best thing about this credit card is that the credit-holders can double their credit limit. To enjoy this benefit, the user should make at least six monthly minimum payments on time, and the initial credit limit up to $1000 will double up to $2000. After those six months, the user’s account will be reviewed periodically to determine if the user is qualified for a credit limit increase.

The initial credit limit ranges from $300 up to $1000. After six months of on-time paying, the users can be eligible for a credit limit increase, which will positively affect their credit score. This credit card has a high APR, meaning carrying a balance on the card will be expensive, and it is best to avoid it.

Surge Mastercard charges an annual fee from $75 up to $99. The APR ranges from 24.99% to 29.99%, depending on the user’s creditworthiness. It is a relatively high APR, but usually, high APRs are typical for credit-building credit cards.

There is 0% fraud liability, meaning the user will not be responsible for unauthorized charges on his credit card. Late payments and returned payments come with penalty fees of up to $40.


Surge Mastercard is featured with standard security features like a limited liability on unauthorized credit card transactions, encryption technology, and lost and stolen card replacement.

The users can apply for the optional Continental Credit Protection to protect their Surge Mastercard. The program includes protection about the cancellation of the outstanding account balance in case of loss of life and cancellation of the amount equal to the monthly minimum payment due in the event of job loss, hospitalization, or disability.


  • Initial credit limit from$300 to $1000
  • Credit limit increase after 6 months
  • 0% fraud liability
  • Reporting to the three major credit bureaus
  • Online account management
  • Unsecured card access
  • Excellent for limited and bad credit score
  • Great for building a credit score
  • Optional card protection


  • High fees and APR
  • A security deposit may be required

=>Click to visit the official website “Surge Platinum Mastercard”

#4. Fit Platinum Mastercard - Recommended Credit Card Deals With Sign-Up Bonuses


Continental Finance Company (CFC) provides crest cards that help many customers establish or build credit with respect and dignity. CFC always puts the customer first, proven by the 2.6 million credit cards managed since its founding. It is one of America’s leading servicers and marketers for bad credit credit cards, proudly rated A+ by the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

The Fit Mastercard is designed with a host of features that can help customers rebuild and re-establish their credit, including $0 fraud liability, free monthly credit score, and credit limit increase after 6 months of on-time payment.

The applying process has never been easier. All interested customers can apply for Fit Mastercard online or via phone by calling the number displayed on the official website. The application requires personal information, including the name, social security number, date of birth, and living address.

After applying and being approved, the clients can get their Fit Mastercard in three days. The clients can manage their card account online, using the online banking service that offers many features, including payments, receiving online statements for the Fit card, viewing recent payments, payment history, previous statements, the platinum card balance, and other essential card info.


No credit? No problem. Clients with all credit types are welcome to apply for the Fit Mastercard. This credit card is ideal for those with damaged credit or no credit. The CFC card issuer understands credit building issues which was the main idea of making the Fit card.

All interested customers have to meet two requirements to be eligible to apply for the Fit Mastercard. They need to be citizens or permanent residents of the USA and be at least 18 years old, or 19 years old in Alabama. The users do not need a prior credit history to apply and get approval for the Fit Mastercard.

The initial credit limit is $400 and can be used everywhere Mastercard is accepted. If the user makes on-time payments and keeps the balance under the credit limit, he can be eligible for a credit limit increase after six months.

The clients should be informed about the fees that come with this card. The annual fee is $99, while the APR has a variable purchase of 29.99%. Using this card for abroad payment is not recommended because it charges a foreign transaction fee of 3%. Returned and late payment fees can go up to $40.


All Fit Mastercard holders have access to the optional Continental Credit Protection, known as “the Program.” The users can get this program by paying $0.99 on every $100 of the outstanding balance on the Fit credit card. The credit protection fees are automatically billed every month.

The Program covers situations like a user’s job loss or disability. This security program can cover up to 12 consecutive minimum monthly payments if the user meets these qualifications. The program also pays off the balance in full in case the card owner passes away.


  • Initial credit limit of $400
  • No security deposit required
  • Credit limit increase after 6 months
  • All credit types are welcome for applying
  • Monthly credit report to all three major credit bureaus
  • Quick and easy application
  • Online account management
  • Continental Credit Protection program for $0.99


  • An annual fee of $99 is charged
  • No signup bonus categories, rewards, and cashback

=>Click to visit the official website “Fit Platinum Mastercard”

#5. Reflex Mastercard - Suitable Credit Cards Matched To Credit Profile


Reflex Mastercard is a full-service card that the customers can use everywhere Mastercard is accepted, whether it is nationally or internationally. Reflex Mastercard is issued by Celtic Bank, and it is managed by Continental Finance that provides customer support for all possible registration issues and inquiries.

As a basic credit card, it is a payment solution that helps to build credit, meaning it is designed for all individuals that struggle with no credit or low credit score. Credit card owners can use this card to shop online or in grocery stores.

The applying process is quite easy and quick. All interested individuals can apply for this credit card online by completing the online form on the website’s home page. The results will be ready within minutes. Alternatively, some users may apply via the phone number of the credit card company.

The application form requires personal information about the applicant, including the name, address, phone number, email address, Social Security number, birth date, employment details, and income details. Once approved, the users will receive their Reflex Mastercard in less than 3 business days.

This card has multiple benefits, including the protection program and the maintenance-free waiver in the first year.


The best feature this card holds is that it sends monthly reports to all three main credit bureaus. These bureaus collect credit balance and payment information to complete users’ credit reports used to calculate their credit scores. That way, the card owners can improve and increase their credit scores.

The Reflex Mastercard credit card calculates users’ initial credit limit, depending on their credit score and creditworthiness. Usually, all new applicants receive something between $300 and $1.000 within the activation of the savings accounts. There is an option to double the credit limit by simply paying the first six months on time.

The cardholders do not have to pay a maintenance fee in the first year. Every next year, the maintenance fee will be $10 per month or $120 for the entire year. The annual fee for the first year is $125, while the following year it decreases to $96.

This card comes with a variable APR of about 29.99%. Variable APR is subject to change, depending on the credit card market rate. However, all credit improvement credit cards have a higher APR that varies from 25.99% to 29.99%. Reflex charges up to $40 on all returned and late payments.


The users can choose the optional Continental Credit Protection for a surcharge. The protection service is available through the CFC (Continental Finance Company). Users that decide on this program pay 0.99$ monthly for every $100 of the outstanding balance on the credit card account.

Once the users sign on to the program, the amount is automatically billed from the account. The program provides cancellation in the event the card owner loses his job or becomes disabled. This program pays off any balance in full in case the user passes away.


  • No deposit required
  • Credit limit increase after 6 months
  • $0 fraud liability
  • Monthly credit bureau reporting
  • Mastercard protection
  • Additional protection program
  • Best for bad credit
  • Quick and simple application form
  • The card can be used nationally and internationally


  • A checking account is required
  • No cash rewards and cashback programs

=>Click to visit the official website “Reflex Mastercard”

How We Made The List Of Major Credit Cards Companies Of 2022: 

Company’s rating

The first thing we searched for was the credit cards’ rating. The rating depends on the customers’ feedback, meaning there are many satisfied customers. The overall rating of these five credit cards for bad credit is 4 out of 5 stars, which is a great rating.

All of these five credit cards from our list of best credit cards for bad credit provided help for those who were searching for a credit score improvement and credit rebuilding. It is important to search for trusted and major credit card companies that offer credit cards. We always recommend companies with high reputations to ensure they offer what they promise, without hidden fees that may worsen users’ financial situation.

Satisfied applicants

Due to our research, we found many people that decided to leave feedback because of their satisfaction. Most testimonials are about the professional, patient, and friendly customer service. Many customers experienced positive communication with the support team that guided them on how to apply and helped them choose the right credit card depending on the credit score.

Other reviews are about how these credit cards helped users rebuild their credit and improve their financial situation. Some companies that offer credit cards for bad credit even noted that almost 90% of applicants rebuilt their credit in 6 months using these cards.

All credit types availability

Because individuals with bad credit are not approved for regular bank credit cards, they have to search for an alternative that will support their financial issues and help them build their credit score. These five top credit cards are the best option for those situations.

These credit cards are suitable for all credit types, whether good, bad or no credit. People can apply for a credit card without owning a checking account. Most credit cards for bad credit are unsecured, meaning no upfront security deposit is required. Credit cards for bad credit are the best option for everyone that needs to establish or rebuild the credit but do not want to pay an upfront deposit.

Factors To Consider Before Applying For A Credit Card For Bad Credit:   

Credit score requirements

Some credit card issuers do not have a minimum credit score requirement for their card, but they may offer some guidance. Certain credit cards may be intended for customers with poor or fair credit scores. As an interested customer, you can get your credit score for free on Experian CreditMatch to see your FICO Score standards.

That way, you can apply for credit cards that align with your credit score. However, you can improve your credit score first, and once it increases, you can search and apply for credit cards. Usually, issuers that offer credit cards for bad credit do not require a minimum credit score, meaning they are the best option for clients with bad and poor credit scores.

The fees

Credit card fees will impact the costs for using the card, even if the user never pays interest. You have to consider the following most important fees:

Annual fee

It will definitely impact the credit card value. Credit cards for bad credit provide high annual fees because the credit card issuer has to ensure that you are going to pay the card.

Foreign transaction feeS

All credit cards can be used nationally, even internationally. The card owners can use those cards everywhere that card type is accepted. Almost all credit cards require a foreign transaction fees, often around 3%. To avoid paying this kind of fee, it is best not to use a credit card abroad.

Late and returned fee

Most credit card issuers charge up to $40 for returned and late payments. The users should pay on time to avoid extra fees that can impact their credit value.

Eligibility requirements

While some credit cards require a minimum credit score, these cards are suitable for all credit types. This means it is unnecessary to have a great credit score to get credit card approval. Most credit card issuers provide only two or three eligibility requirements.

The applicant should be a citizen or permanent resident of the USA, and he should be an adult, meaning he has to be older than 18 years. The third requirement is about the checking account. Some credit cards require having a checking account, while some do not.

FAQs Regarding Largest Credit Card Issuers: 

What is bad credit?

Bad credit means that the person fails to pay bills on time, which is related to the fact that he may fail to make timely payments in the future. A person with bad credit may face difficulties borrowing money or applying for a credit card because he is considered riskier than other borrowers.

Many lenders take a close look at the borrowers’ credit score when determining if they are eligible for credit, such as loans and credit cards. A credit score is a three-digit number that starts from 300 and goes up to 850. It is calculated by the user’s financial actions that include debt and payment history.

What type of credit cards can you get with bad credit?

People with bad or poor credit scores can apply for secured and unsecured credit cards.

Secured cards

Often for individuals that are new to credit or have poor credit. Secured credit cards require a refundable security deposit, where the name comes from. The security deposit can limit the issuer’s risk and determine the user’s credit limit. Many secured cards require a minimum of $200 as a security deposit, which can be increased by the user if he wants a higher credit limit.

If you’re a teen reading this, you can also apply for credit cards for teen.

Unsecured cards

These cards are the best option for those who do not want to tie money with a security deposit. Most unsecured cards require an application fee, annual fees, and other monthly fees. These cards may be difficult to manage because of the many additional fees that come with the credit card.

How to choose the best credit cards for bad credit?

You must consider some essential factors to choose the right credit card for bad credit.


Some credit cards for poor credit may require high annual fees and plenty of other additional fees. Consider a credit card that will help you minimize the costs and improve your finances instead of worsening them.


Some of the most trusted credit cards issuers will report to at least one of the three major credit bureaus. Ensure that your payments will pay off over time and improve your credit score.


Many secured cards will allow users to upgrade their cards to unsecured credit cards after assuming good payment history after time. It is a great benefit for cardholders because they would not need to close a credit line and open a new credit account, which may negatively impact the credit score.

Concluding - Compare Credit Cards Offers From Best Credit Card Companies Of 2022: 

Having a bad credit score does not mean it is the end of the world. The credit score can be easily improved and rebuilt by simply paying the credit on time. However, people who need an urgent amount of money need to find a clue to help them in a hard financial situation.

Quite a few of the best credit cards for bad credit do not require having a great credit history. They may come with higher fees than regular credit cards, but they are the right choice in some situations. These co-branded credit cards can be used nationally and internationally, online and in-store, depending on users' needs.

The application process has never been easier. You can apply for your credit card now and receive it in less than three business days. We cover up your back. Thank you later.

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