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UGlow Face & Body explains why medical-grade Platelet Rich Plasma is superior to test tube PRP

Posted at 8:41 AM, Mar 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-31 13:07:44-04

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UGlow Face & Body offers medical-grade Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) based services. PRP has been popularized as a way to regenerate new tissue and heal injuries to tendons, ligaments and muscles in sports medicine and orthopedic treatments. UGlow is taking aesthetics to the next level by incorporating medical-grade PRP into nearly all of their services. It involves the extraction and re-injection of specific blood cells, known as platelets, into the face or body. Plasma is a liquid that takes up a considerable portion of the blood. Plasma contains essential blood components such as platelets, which include over 1500 protein-based bio factors. These bio factors are responsible for growth, hemostasis, enzyme production, tissue repair, and wound healing.

PRP contains more platelets than the usual amount found in human blood, making it ideal for tissue treatment, hair restoration and sexual health. Medical-grade PRP can have up to six times more platelets than test tube PRP (which typically has up to two times the platelet count) making the PRP-based treatments at UGlow remarkably more effective with more dramatic results. UGlow offers PRP treatments via injections (for the face, body and head), infused with the touchless JetPeel Facial, topically with their radiofrequency microneedling and even combined with their exclusive FirmSculpt® fat reduction and body contouring.

PRP treatments are an advanced, natural way to improve skin appearance and hair restoration. Benefits can also include:
· Targeted wrinkle reduction on the face, neck and chest;
· Stimulating hair growth, thickness and strength;
· Improving skin tone and texture (including acne scars) by stimulating collagen roduction;
· Reducing sun damage by regenerating new tissue;
· Increases blood circulation for enhanced sexual health and intimacy rejuvenation (commonly known as the O-Shot and P-Shot);
· Strengthening the bladder wall and urethra to address bladder incontinence.

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