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Neuropathy Treatment Center of Arizona: Talks about diabetes dangers

Posted at 7:49 AM, Apr 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-06 12:56:10-04

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Dr. Patrick Sartz has been successfully treating peripheral neuropathy since 2008. He co-founded the Neuropathy Treatment Centers of Arizona in 2009 and has been involved with peripheral neuropathy on a personal and professional level for over 53 years. It was his personal experience of his mother suffering with neuropathy for over 32 years prior to her passing, that lead him to look for a treatment for peripheral neuropathy. It took over 21 years to discover an effective treatment for neuropathy. During this search, he discovered one thing that is still true today, peripheral neuropathy is not curable, it is treatable, reversible and controllable for over 95 percent of the people that suffer with it without medications or surgery.

Peripheral Neuropathy is a secondary disease process. That is, it is caused by something else, it could be a toxin, metabolic disorder like diabetes, vitamin deficiencies or one of over 100 other known causes, but it does not develop on its own. Thus, to cure it, we must cure the cause and approximately 40 percent of the time the cause is unidentified, and the neuropathy sufferer is diagnosed with idiopathy neuropathy, we know you have it, but we don't know why.

Dr. Sartz has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education classes pertaining to peripheral neuropathy and its treatment. He has become one of the leading authorities related to peripheral neuropathy in the southwestern United States. He became a Certified Member of NeuroTCA in October 2008, which was a non-profit international organization dedicated to treating and eliminating peripheral neuropathy. In 2019 he joined an association of 300 other clinics in the United States dedicated to reversing this devastating disease. He has successfully treated 1000's of patients over the past 12 years and continues to educate himself so he can continue to give his patients the most up to date treatments available. His treatment protocols offer long term control of neuropathy without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Sartz is passionate about treating neuropathy and his new patients are normally amazed that he is makes himself available to talk to seven days a week to answer any questions as they go through the healing process.

Dr. Sartz offers free consultations and workshops throughout the year for people who suffer with this debilitating disease in order to better understand the disease process itself and how to best control it. His office is located at 2150 S. Country Club Drive, Suite 14 in Mesa, phone number is 480-556-1358. For more information call or go to