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For Families with Pets: The Benefits of Selling Your Home to Offerpad

Posted at 7:42 AM, Apr 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-05 18:56:49-04

Offerpad is a paid advertiser of Sonoran Living.

Offerpad, local tech-enable real estate company, has been working since 2015 to make home selling and buying easier than ever for homeowners and house hunters. It leverages the newest technology to aim at current consumer demands, providing the smoothest, most streamlined experience possible in what is traditionally a long and often confusing or frustrating real estate transaction process. Offerpad is appreciated by returning real estate consumers who know how troublesome the traditional process can be, first-time home buyers and sellers who expect an on-demand experience, families too busy to plan open houses, and pet owners who want to avoid home showings and adjusting their pet's routine.

Offerpad's unique home selling solution is perfect for homeowners with pets of all kinds. When selling your house to Offerpad, customers get to enjoy more conveniences that will keep their little friends safe and happy. With Offerpad, pet parents don't need to shy away from the process of selling their house and have the power to determine their own timeline. They can receive an offer on their home in as fast as 24 hours from requesting it at and move their family in a process more convenient than traditional means. Some Offerpad benefits pet owners appreciate most are skipping the home showings, not needing to clean for visitors or repair anything in the home, moving on the pet's schedule, and enjoying a professional local move for free.

One of the least desired experiences for homeowners when it comes time to selling a house in Phoenix is welcoming a parade of house hunters into their home. Home showings can take place on weekends for open houses, weekdays or nights for scheduled appointments with an agent, or even at a moment's notice any day or time. Pet owners find this to be a real hurdle for their own schedules and the wellbeing of their pets. Making and keeping a pet's home show ready is a real hassle that Offerpad helps pet owners avoid altogether. Offerpad makes offers on houses sight unseen - that means no showings and no open houses, ever. Pets can rest assured that their habitats and routines won't be altered for any home staging in the selling process.

Sticking points like home showings, deep cleaning, and inconvenient scheduling are nuisances pet owners get to avoid when they sell a home to Offerpad. Customers of the East Valley-based company receive a fast cash offer on their home, pick their own closing and moving dates, and get a free professional move to anywhere else in the valley within 50 miles. With Offerpad, selling a home is the most convenient option for homeowners and pets alike.