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Executive Chef, Israel Medina knows how to cook the meats

Posted at 8:15 AM, Mar 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-06 12:58:06-05

Beef Shoulder
10lbs of beef shoulder
2ea whole garlic split in half
2qt mirepoix (carrots, onion, celery)
1cup tomato paste
1qt red wine
2cups veal demi or beef stock
6sprigs fresh tarroagon
4sprigs fresh thyme
1tblsp juniper berries
1tblsp black peppercorns

* heat oil to smoking, sear beef until browned, remove
* add mirepoix, saute
* add tomato paste
* deglaze with red wine
* add demi and beef stock bring to a boil
* transfer everything to a deep pan add enough beef stock to submerge then cover with plastic wrap and foil.
Bake at 220 degrees for approximately 6-8 hours till nice and tender.

Chicken Scallopini
Chicken Scallopini with bacon, articles and mushrooms served with orzo and a lemon beurre blanc sauce. Garnish with fried capers.

Lemon Beurre blanc sauce
2sprigs fresh thyme
2ea lemons
2ea bay leaves
5ea whole peppercorns
1cup white wine
1cup heavy cream
6oz butter cubed

* in a sauce pan place first 5 ingredients and reduce under medium high heat make sure to squeeze lemons and place the rinds in while making this sauce.
* once your wine is almost reduced all the way, add your heavy cream and reduce by ¾.
* remove from heat and slowly whisk in your butter then season with salt to taste.

Duroc Pork Rack
Duroc pork rack served with cheddar grits, whole grain mustard jus and chimichurri. Garnish with crispy prosciutto.

Cheddar grits
1qt grits
1qt half n half
1qt water
Cheddar cheese
Salt to taste

* in a sauce pan bring half n half and water to a boil then add grits and turn heat down to medium low and stir until grits become nice and soft and all liquid had been absorbed, if grits ate still a bit hard add a little more water.
* once grits are cooked, folds in cheddar to your liking and season with salt.

Chimichurri sauce
1 bunch cilantro picked
½ bunch flat leaf parsley picked
1tblsp fresh oregano picked
1ea jalapeño seeded and rough chopped
4ea garlic cloves
½ea lemon juiced
2tblsp white vinegar
1cup olive oil
Salt, pepper to taste

* blend all ingredients in a food processor except oil.
* slowly add oil until emulsified.
* adjust seasoning.

Whole grain mustard jus
2cups veal demi
1tblsp whole grain mustard

* combine ingredients and reduce by ¼
* adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.

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