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EndoTech is a state-of-the-art surgery system for hand and wrist conditions at Fitzmaurice Hand Institute

Posted at 7:51 AM, Aug 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-04 13:14:59-04

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What is EndoTech?
EndoTech is a state-of-the-art surgery system that I developed, which utilizes my patented instrumentation. This system uses a single, tiny incision to insert everything needed to fix many common hand and wrist conditions.

Why does EndoTech help your surgeons achieve the best possible outcomes for their patient?
EndoTech uses the smallest incision, which results in less pain, faster recovery and less scarring. The system is safer and less expensive than traditional surgery, since it doesn't require anesthesia. Endotech is also safer than other minimally invasive techniques, since it allows our surgeons to see structures with greater visibility.

What are some of the hand and wrist conditions that your surgeons often treat with the EndoTech system?
EndoTech was designed to treat several common conditions, such as carpal tunnel, etc., etc.,

From what I've read, the patient care experience is also very unique- can you tell us about that?
We fundamentally believe that our patients expect more, and deserve a higher standard of care. We spend a great deal of time emphasizing a more holistic approach, including nutrition, education and of course a 'less is more' approach to surgery which results in the smallest incision possible.

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