Would you pay a fee to cross the U.S. border?

NOGALES, AZ - The federal government is exploring the idea of making everyone pay when passing into the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security wants to look into a possible fee for pedestrians and cars coming into the country.

So far there's no word on how much that fee would be.

The idea is to raise more money to help pay for ports like the one in Nogales, Arizona.

But businessman Jamie Chamberlain said the idea comes with a price.

"Crossing fees will only impact us in a negative way and I don't need a study to tell us that," he said.

But Bruce Bracker who owns a clothing store said he would go for the idea if the money went right back into the Nogales ports, adding staff.

"If they're going to start charging a user fee and the wait times go down to less than five minutes, then all of a sudden more people are going to be crossing the border," Bracker said.

The reaction from the people on the street has been mixed. One woman said she crosses the border frequently and doesn't want to pay.

But one man said he had no problem paying.

The project is still an idea, part of the federal budget plan. Congress would need to give the go-ahead to make it happen.

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