Valley cleans up from after massive monsoon storm

Flash flooding made for a close call at The Furshire, a dog kennel in Glendale. The owner, Janene Farraris says water came rushing in Monday and was waist high in some spots.

She says a wall of water reached up to the doorknob of the front door and kept it held shut. Farraris and three employees had to escape through a window and pass the 30 dogs she was caring for, one by one to safety.

"My truck, the water was up to the doors, so we were just carrying the dogs and putting them in the safety of the vehicle," Farraris said.

The dogs are at The Furshire's second location. She says 4,000 gallons of water had to be pumped out of her home. She says the water also carried in mud from surrounding animal farms making the structure a health hazard which is now condemned.

Farraris says she is covered by insurance. She spent Tuesday salvaging anything that didn't touch water. She says she's just thankful no one was hurt.

In Tempe, many car owners are experiencing the financial impact of Monday's storms. Auto shops were busy with drivers who tried to get through high water and got stuck. Mechanics say flooded engines can cost thousands of dollars to fix.

"Anything over 12-inches should be a caution for anybody no matter what kind of vehicle you have because water can splash from other vehicles and create," Said Glen Hayward, co-owner of Good Works, an auto repair shop in Tempe.

Hayward was repairing a car Tuesday that shut down when the owner drove into two-feet of standing water. He says the bill will be more than $7,000 for a used engine and insurance may not cover the replacement.

He warns drivers who were in high water pay attention to their car the next couple days.

If you have trouble starting your car, if the engine starts to shake while driving. or the check engine light comes on, you might have water damage.


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