Undocumented immigrants faced with big conditions to a pathway to citizenship

PHOENIX - Undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are finding there are some big conditions to the pathway to citizenship.

One of the key provisions of the Senate's immigration reform bill would allow qualified young people, known as Dreamers, to become citizens within five years.

But others would face a tougher path and their futures would be based upon certain border security conditions.

The bill says "high risk border sectors," which includes Tucson, must use constant surveillance.

It also requires the Tucson sector to turn back at least 90 percent of illegal border crossers.

To help secure the border, the bill calls for $3 billion in new spending for 3,500 agents and technology like unmanned surveillance drones. The security conditions must be in place before people can become citizens.

The bill calls for a 10 year process where people with clean criminal backgrounds first pay a fine and back taxes before getting temporary approval to stay.

Then, after 10 years, they would be required to follow the same guidelines as immigrants who entered the country legally.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has been vocal in pushing for border security before allowing a pathway to citizenship.

Both Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake played key roles in this bill.

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