Study: More Arizonans opt for top-tier Obamacare plans

New government figures show more Arizonans are opting for the top-tier plans in the Affordable Care Act than in most other states.

These figures come now that the ACA website is running smoothly after a disastrous rollout.

Picking health insurance in Arizona is no easy task, there are 111 plans on the public marketplace.               

Alan Leafman of Health Insurance Express knows that it can be hard for a consumer to know which plan is best.

"There's a huge range, not just in cost but also in terms of how those plans are arranged," Leafman said.         

A new study by the Department of Health and Human Services shows 27,943 Arizonans were signed up for Obamacare as of December 28, 2013 and nearly half had opted for higher-cost plans.

The latest numbers also show 2,153,421 people have enrolled in the ACA nationally.

Leafman says there's a reason 41 percent of those enrolled have chosen the gold and platinum plans.

"A good percentage of people buying those plans are people who have medical conditions who are currently being treated that have a good idea of what their course of treatment is going to be," Leafman said.

Meaning, despite the higher initial costs they'll save in the end because there's more comprehensive coverage.

But the silver plan is still the most popular nationally and in Arizona 48 percent of those enrolled opted for that plan.               

"The greatest numbers of plans appear under the silver level which is supposed to cover 70 percent of a person's average medical bills," Leafman said.

Updated numbers are expected after the next open enrollment deadline March 31st, 2014.

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