Safety expert shares 3 tips to keep kids safe at school

PHOENIX - The University of Oklahoma went on lockdown Wednesday after reports of shots fired in the architecture building. Everyone is safe and officials say there isn't any evidence a shooting happened, but it follows two real shootings at Purdue and Widener Universities.

At the same time, police in Show Low were investigating a threat made on social media. An 18-year-old sits behind bars, accused of making a Columbine-like threat that, fortunately, officers caught in time.

It's just another reminder how scary it can be to be a parent these days.

"I have that at the front and center in my mind all the time," said Eric Neitzel.

Neitzel lives in Show Low with his seven-year-old daughter, Katie.

"I got the message from the superintendent, saying that they received a vague threat," he said.

"If God forbid it does happen you want your children to be safe," said Steve Adelman.

Adelman is a venue safety expert.

"You want them to know what to do and to do it without hesitating, without becoming frightened. You just want them to act," he said.

Adelman said there are three things your child should know.

"If there's an active shooter, run, if you can. If you can't, hide. And if neither of those is possible, fight, with whatever you have available," Adelman said.

He said those rules apply whether you have a kindergartner or a college-age kid.

"You want to be ready, even though you know it's probably never going to happen," he said.

Adelman also suggested calling your child's school to find out what kind of evacuation and lockdown drills they do. 

That way kids know what to do in that situation and it becomes almost instinct, rather than trying it for the first time when it really counts.




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