Syria conflict: Many Arizonans still have questions about what's happening in Syria

PHOENIX - President Barack Obama spent Labor Day working at the White House, trying to convince a reluctant Congress to give him the green light to use military force against Syria.

It's a topic that has people divided across the country and here in the Valley.  

"I don't think the United States should get involved," Carol Roman said.

"I personally don't think that we need to get involved in other countries' business, but when it's something like chemical warfare that's kind of crossing the line," Tim Seamans said.

Still others said they just didn't have enough information yet, and the information we are hearing isn't very clear.

"It's very confusing right now," said Joann Smith Baker.

Here's what we do know. The Obama administration said Syria used a deadly nerve gas to attack its own people.  The president said he wants to act, but first he will let Congress weigh in on what should happen next.

In the meantime, Syria's leader issued a dark warning. President Bashar Al-Assad told a French newspaper, "The Middle East is a powder keg and the fire is getting closer. No one knows what will happen. Everyone will lose control once the keg blows up. Chaos and extremism will spread. The risk of a regional war exists."

This week we'll see several hearings and briefings on Syria. Senior Democratic leadership heads to the White House tomorrow, and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Secretary of State John Kerry will testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  



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