Lucky couple! Diane, Kerry Carmichael win Arizona Lottery for 2nd time

PHOENIX - A Phoenix couple beat the odds for a second time Wednesday when they claimed their second BIG Arizona Lottery win.

According to lottery officials, Diane and Kerry Carmichael won $2.5 million on The Pick in December 1995. On Wednesday, the couple won a second time -- this time the $1 million Powerball second prize.

Officials said the Carmichaels receive a $125,000 annuity for their 1995 win, but it expires in 2014.

The couple said they will consult with a financial advisor and won't go on a spending spree.

The Carmichaels' win is the 19th $1 million Powerball second prize awarded in Arizona since the Arizona Lottery started the $2 Powerball in January 2012, officials said.

The new Powerball game has increased players' chances of winning and the second prize tickets have created more than 500 millionaires within the U.S.

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