LIST: Race heats up for Arizona Governor

Arizona's race for Governor is heating up with some top names throwing their names into the race.

So far, 14 total candidates have filed their intentions with the Secretary of State's office, giving voters multiple options for both the primary and November 2014 election.

For the Democrats, former Board of Regents chairman Fred Duval is running unopposed.

"He is the democratic nominee in waiting," said Arizona Capitol Times reporter, Jeremy Duda.

But the GOP candidates are getting ready to battle it out.

You have six candidates, with four really being looked at as major contenders," said Duda.

Starting with Secretary of State Ken Bennett.

"He's the most well-known. He's been in government the longest. He has a strong following in Yavapai County. He grew up in Prescott and he's well liked," said Duda.

Doug Ducey hasn't officially declared yet, but is expected to throw his name in the hat soon.

"He announced his numbers earlier this week. He raised a million dollars. People are really impressed with that," said Duda.

Mayor Scott Smith hopes his success in the City of Mesa will help him stand out.

"He's got a different pedigree. As a mayor of a city at a time when Mesa has turned itself around, Mayor Smith has been very big on economic issues," said Duda.

Then there's Christine Jones, former General Council and executive for Go Daddy.

"She's the X-Factor. She's not that well-known in political circles and she is trying to establish herself," said Duda.

Other Republican candidates are State Senator Al Melvin, former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and Alice Yvonne Lukasik.

Others who also filed their intentions to run for governor:

Diana Elizabeth Kennedy, Independent Party

John Mealer, Americans Elect

Chip Howard, Independent

Barry Hess, Libertarian

James Draper, Independent

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