Is red or white wine healthier? Valley wine bars are becoming a big hit

PHOENIX - Cabernet. Pino Grigio. Merlot. Pino Noir.

Ladies, no matter which you prefer chances are high you've got a favorite wine.

"Um cabs," said Patricia Roberts.

"Ooh, depends. If it's summer time I like chardonnay; If its winter time I like cab," said Kathy Rathrauff.

Wine bars and lounges like The Living Room in Chandler are popping up all over the Valley.

"Definitely. They're on almost ever corner it seems like," said Mary Taylor.

Judging by the standing room only, we found the concept is working. The owners say they're here for the ladies.

"I would say the majority of our clients would be women, and we did that on purpose actually. Where the women go the men follow," said Ryan Watson, with The Living Room.

But the benefits behind your favorite red or white wine go beyond just a booming business.

"If people were to drink, I would say red wine," said Chrissy Barth, a registered dietician and nutritionist.

"Red wine, I think,  is better than white wine because you get the darker grapes that have that resveratrol," Barth said.

Resveratrol is a nutrient with a boatload of health benefits. Red wine is teeming with it.

"So red wine lowers our risk of heart attack, stroke, colon cancer, type two diabetes, dementia," said Barth.

But that doesn't mean you should down a bottle of Zinfandel with your dinner.

"The key is moderation," said Barth.

She said women should have at most one glass a day, men should have two. A glass equals five ounces of wine.  For some women, that's easier said than done.

"It's not that you set out to medicate yourself, but it tastes good. It's fun," said Gabrielle Glaser.

That's where you can get yourself into trouble because you really can have too much of a good thing. Barth said too much wine can actually increase your risk of breast cancer.

"People that have breast cancer or who have a history of breast cancer or who currently have breast cancer or are at risk of breast cancer," she said. Too much red wine can sent your triglycerides through the roof, she said.

"They want to really back off on the amount of alcohol and red wine that they do drink," said Barth.

What's the take away? Feel free to kick off your heels and enjoy a glass of vino, but make sure to share the bottle with friends.







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