Heavy snow makes Arizona highways treacherous

Snow near the high country made it hard for people trying to get home Monday morning.

Arizona Department of Transportation workers were only allowing people with four-wheel drive or those with chains on their tires to drive north towards Sunflower.

Many drivers pulled over on the side of Interstate 87 struggling to put chains on their tires. Some people taking as long as an hour and asking other drivers to help out.

"We haven't had to have chains on. I've been back in Paulson for over 30 years and first time in a long time that I've gotten stuck," said Debra Flatt.

Many commuters came from appointments in the Valley and were surprised to find the dangerous conditions.

"One guy saved me. I was worried because when I stopped to buy the chains, I asked if they could be fitted and they said to ask someone when I got up here. Thankfully someone was here to help," said Colleen Rossi.

Schools in Payson were closed for the day due to the bad road conditions.

ADOT officials reported cars skidding across the roads, but no major accidents.

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