Food stamp benefits, or SNAP, set to expire in fall

More than a million people in Arizona struggle to put food on the table every day.

And their struggle could be even harder come November when funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), better known as food stamps, is expected to get cut when temporary funding runs out.

"It's not easy for any family in America anymore."

And right now that statement couldn't be truer for Brenda Heise.

"Do you pay this month's bills? Do you pay the rent? Do you buy food, do you hold off? It's a juggle and a struggle," says Brenda.

And that's a debate she has almost every month.

Brenda used to work for the state, but now she's semi-retired and volunteers at St. Mary's food bank.

Her income's been slashed by more than half. "I've lost apartments and homes trying to get by."

And she's not the only one struggling. When the cuts expire, a family of four would see a decrease of 36 dollars a month.

House Republicans are working on new legislation which would cut funding to SNAP even more.

The proposal could slash funding by more than 5 percent. They say the cuts are necessary because the program has doubled in funding since 2008.

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