CPS in need of funding in Arizona

PHOENIX - Valley child advocacy groups rallied at the State Capitol Tuesday afternoon.

Foster mom and Arizona Friends of Foster Children worker Kris Jackober said, they want to put pressure on legislators to keep Arizona foster kids a top priority.

They also want Governor Jan Brewer to move forward with her $77 million budget proposal for Child Protective Services.

The money would allow for 200 additional CPS staff members, temporary foster care and residential placements, legal support , parent aide and child care services for abused and neglected children.

CPS funding has been cut in the past, but Jackober said the amount of children coming into the foster care system has grown.

She said there are 14,000 kids in foster care, and it's the state's responsibility to give them better lives than the ones they're leaving.

"When you make a decision about what happens to them, it would be the best. That they would go to the best schools, have the best kind of life and instead, it's what can they scrape together to help move you through the system," said Jackober.

Jackober has fostered 15 children over the past 12 years and knows first-hand the struggles CPS faces.

She thinks CPS case workers are overloaded with too many kids and it's in desperate need of funding.

The $77 million wouldn't fix all the problems, said Jackober, but it's better than nothing.

CPS would use the money to hire more case workers, improve child care for abused and neglected children, get substance abuse treatment for parents and to pay for legal costs to move children into permanent homes.

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