Be prepared for an emergency, Arizona weather conditions can leave you stranded

It was an unexpected night for drivers as hundreds in the Atlanta area spent the night in their cars after being stranded in freezing temperatures.

While Arizona doesn't get the severe cold, it does get its share of haboobs, flooding rains and extreme heat.

"We always advise motorists to be prepared by keeping an emergency kit in your car and update it with the seasons," said Stephanie Dembowski with AAA Arizona.

AAA suggests a basic emergency care kit should include:

-Jumper cables

-Basic repair tools: duct tape, screwdriver

-First aid kit

-Bottled water and non-perishable food items

"Try to choose things that will help you sustain energy and help you feel full," suggests Dembowski.

For the winter months, or if you're traveling to the high country where there is snow and ice, Add these items to your kit:

-Ice scraper

-Small shovel (in case you get stuck)

-Kitty litter (for traction)

-Blankets, hand and feet warmers to help you keep warm.

"Small Survival blankets could fit in your glove box and it's going to help to keep you warm and those 5 and 8 hour hand and foot warmers are going to make a huge difference if you're stuck in freezing temperatures," said Dembowski

Most of all, if you find yourself using any of the items in your kit, make sure to replenish them, so you'll be ready for the next emergency.

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