Arizona voters could decide same-sex marriage

You could be asked as early as Thursday to sign a petition to get the issue of same sex marriage on the 2014 ballot.

A group called Equal Marriage Arizona plans to begin gathering signatures for its voter initiative to overturn Arizona's ban on same sex marriage. It calls for changing the definition of marriage from being between one man and one woman to two persons.

Chairman Warren Meyer says there's also protection for religious groups."Churches and other organizations that conduct marriages are free to choose and conduct marriages however they want to, but when it comes to the issue of state issued marriage licenses, we need to use that equally and I think the state is ready for that step."

But, Jim Campbell with Scottsdale-based Alliance Defending Freedom thinks the majority of Arizonans still feel the way they did in 2008 when 56 percent approved a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. "The purpose of marriage is to bring together a husband and wife to provide children with their own mother and father. That interest is not implicated by same sex couples. It's a biological fact. That's what the institution of marriage is based on and that's what people concerned with affirming marriage are concerned with."

Meyer, a self-described Libertarian, says opinions have changed since 2008. "I had several young Republicans come up to me today and say, ‘It's great you're doing this. All the young ones that worked for the Romney campaign, we were all for this.'"

Recently, Bisbee became the first Arizona city to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples. Tempe is considering a similar ordinance.

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