Arizona to use state funding to keep Grand Canyon National Park open

PHOENIX - Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer will use state money to keep the Grand Canyon National Park open an additional nine days.

The governor's office announced the decision Wednesday to keep the park open through Oct. 23 if the federal government remains shut down.

The decision came as Brewer faced a deadline that was part of an agreement she struck with the federal government last week to reopen the park. The deal required Brewer to give the park two days' notice if she wants it to remain open, which meant she needed to decide Wednesday.

"While I am pleased the state is able to ensure the Canyon remains open during this critical season, it is well past time for the federal government to end this shutdown and pay its bills. We are doing our job. It's time the President and Congress do theirs," Brewer said.

Arizona is paying $93,000 a day to keep the canyon open during the government shutdown.

Businesses that rely on the canyon for tourist dollars were hurt during the 11 day closure that ended Saturday.

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