Your FIRST look at this week's grocery deals

Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day feast without breaking the bank. Get your first glimpse of what will be on sale this week at Valley grocery stores.


Save money on ground beef. Bashas' has fresh ground beef on sale for $1.97 per pound and you can buy two packs for that price. Bashas' also is your ticket for asparagus. You can buy it for just $1.37 per pound and get up to four pounds at that price. St. Patrick's Day is March 17th, so save on point cut corned beef brisket. You can buy that brisket at Bashas' for $1.79 a pound with no limit.


Save some money during Fry's three dale sale on St. Patrick's Day food items. The sale is Friday, March 15th through Sunday, March 17th. During the sale, you can score a deal on a five pound bag of red potatoes for your St. Patrick's Day feast. Fry's has that bag on sale for $1.88 each. Or, you can buy three pounds of green cabbage at Fry's for just $.99. Fry's also has point cut corned beef brisket for a little more at $1.99 per pound during the three day sale only.


At Albertsons, you can buy a gallon of milk for just $1.79 and you can buy two for that price. Save on tilapia fish at Albertsons this week. You can buy a one pound bag of frozen fillets for $10 a pound, but you will get three one pound bags of tilapia for free, making those filets just $2.50 per pound. Albertsons also has coupons in their ad this week. You can purchase a box of General Mills cereal like Cheerios or Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal for $1.88 each with the coupon. Or try some oranges, Albertsons has three pound bags of navel oranges for $1.49 each with the coupon. Plus, on March 15th, if you are a First Responder, you will get 10% off your food bill that day.

Food City

Save on chicken this week. Food City has drumsticks or chicken thighs on sale for $.78 a pound. You can purchase two packs for that price. Score a deal on five pounds of navel oranges for $1 at Food City this week. Go crazy for bananas. Food City has three pounds of bananas for $.99. You can purchase up to six pounds at that price. Stop by Food City during their three day sale, starting on Friday, March 15 and ending March 17th. You can purchase 73% lean ground beef for $1.69 a pound with a limit of two packs.


Save on green grapes at Sprouts this week. They have those grapes on sale for $.99 per pound. Plus, they are having a 72-hour sale starting on Friday, March 15th. During that time, you can buy Sprouts brand potato chips for $.99 a bag. Or, try some pecan pieces from their bulk section for just $5.99 per pound during that 72-hour sale.

Don't go broke on food for your St. Patrick's celebration. Check your Valley grocery store ads before heading out and grab those manufacturer coupons.

Download coupons from websites like, and, and check your Valley grocery store's website for additional savings so you can really save. 

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