Does the Rival Ice Cream maker really let you make ice cream in 30 minutes?

Ice cream is good any time of day, especially when you can make it the way you want.

The Rival Frozen Delights Ice Cream Maker is supposed to let you make up to four quarts of ice cream in less than 30 minutes, but will it work?

Let me try it before you buy it!

We bought the ice cream maker at Walmart for about $25.

The instructions are pretty simple; Mix your ingredients, pour them into the canister, insert the paddle and cover it.

Next you put the canister inside the bucket, plug it in and you're ready to go.

As it starts to spin, you need to add layers of ice and rock salt around the bottom of the bucket.

The instructions say the ice cream should churn in about 30-40 minutes.

So we waited.

After 30 minutes, it was more like a runny milkshake.

So we let it run longer, 50 minutes total.

Still, we never got the consistency of real ice cream.

So if you're looking for a milk shake this will work fine, but I wouldn't recommend it for ice cream.

After my results, I have to give the Rival Frozen Delights Ice Cream Maker a thumbs down.

A better option is the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker.

I've tried it out several times and it was easy, made yummy ice cream and the kids can get a work out while making their own ice cream.

I bought it at Target for about 25 bucks.

If you have any affordable ways to make healthy ice cream, email me at

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