Will the Emerson Automatic Wine Opener really help you open bottles of wine with ease?

A glass of wine every once in a while is nice.

But sometimes, I just have a hard time getting the cork out.

The Emerson Automatic Wine Opener is supposed to make it easy.

The claim… it will allow you to uncork hundreds of wine bottles with ease.

So I tried it out for about a month to see if it would really do the job.

You'll need four AA batteries before you're ready to go.

The instructions say to simply put the wine opener on top of the bottle, making sure it is straight.

Then hold the wine opener firmly and press the power button down.

But that didn't work.

Instead, the bottle kept spiraling so I held both the wine opener and the bottle down.

At first, it sounded like the wine opener was working so I waited and waited a little longer until finally I realized it just wasn't going to remove the cork.

So I tried again on another bottle.

This time we still had to wait, but eventually the cork came out.

Out of seven tries, the wine opener easily removed the cork once.

Not very consistent and we paid $22 for it.

So I picked up a manual $2 wine opener and was able to remove the cork with ease.

Sounds like the smarter solution to me.

I give the Emerson Automatic Wine Opener a thumbs down.


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