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Will the Air Dragon inflate anything, anytime and anywhere? We try it out!

Posted: 11:44 AM, Dec 07, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-07 18:44:32Z

Who says we can't have a pool party in December?

The real challenge is blowing up all of the pool toys it can sometimes make you feel a little light-headed.

I found a product that is supposed to now only help with inflatables, but also tires… big or small.

It’s called the Air Dragon and the claim is that it will inflate anything, anytime and anywhere.

So will it work?

The Air Dragon cost us $39.99 plus shipping and it comes with different adaptors.

We plugged it into the car charger and tried it on all sorts of things… pool toys, an air mattress, sports balls and of course tires.

So how did it work?

It was very efficient for the sports balls and pool toys… worked in just seconds.

But when it came to the tires, we got a little help from our expert friends at Hi Tech Car Care. 

Jim Garnand tried it out!

First try, the Air Dragon wouldn’t start.  But after unplugging and plugging and playing with a few buttons, we got it to work.

We deflated a tire on our vehicle by three pounds.  The goal was to inflate it back to 35 PSI.  And after nearly nine minutes, the Air Dragon showed the tire was right where we wanted it, 35 PSI.

But our vehicle experts at Hi Tech Care Care says don’t ever trust the device, use a gauge.  So we did and surprisingly the tires were actually up to 50 pounds!

So for the tires, not only did the Air Dragon show us inaccurate results, it took extremely long.

Garnand suggests instead simply stopping at a gas station or at your local auto shops.  They will fill your tires for free.

In fact, Garnand deflated a tire until it was actually flat.  It only took 30 seconds to get it back to 35 PSI.

So on our Bull/No Bull Meter, we have to say the Air Dragon is BULL.

It did work fine for the smaller items, but there are other products that will get the job done for a better price. 

There are also more reliable products, at home improvement stores, that will inflate your tires faster and to the right PSI.  Even more, you won’t have to pay more.

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