The PediSpin claims to leave you with smooth feet without spending spa prices

It's sandal season and you can't walk around with unkempt feet.

The PediSpin claims to leave you with smooth feet without having to spend spa prices.

It's made by the makers of the  Ped Egg, which works really well, so I had to try it out.

The Pedi Spin only cost us $15 at CVS.

First you will need four AA batteries and you're ready to spin.

The instructions say only use the filing plate for thick, tough calluses.

There are two speeds; high and low, and I learned right away that my feet aren't as rough as I thought because the high speed was a little too much. It actually stung.

So I used the low speed on my heels, soles and toes.

My first thought, it was really loud, it sounds like a saw. But it did smooth away some of my rough skin.

Still, it was definitely nothing like the infomercial, which shows rough skin literally falling off.

I had several people try it out, with different types of skin, from really rough to not so bad.

For really rough calluses, the PediSpin didn't seem to do as well as the Ped Egg, even when I switched to high speed.

In fact the motor kept stopping whenever I put any pressure on it.

But the PediSpin is less work if your feet aren't extremely bad.

Overall, I was not impressed with the performance of the PediSpin; I give it a thumbs down.

The results are nothing similar to the infomercial, and I think the Ped Egg simply does a better job and it's cheaper; I found the Ped Egg at CVS for $10.

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