The Astonish Oven Cleaner claims to clean cooked-on grease without harsh chemicals

Do you have a dirty oven or stove that nothing seems to clean? The Astonish Oven and Cookware Cleaner is supposed to do the job without all of the harsh chemicals.

But will it work? Let me try it before you buy it.

We started with a pretty dirty oven … lots of burned on grease and grime. The instructions say to use a wet nylon scrubbing pad, unless it's a really big job. In that case, you use a dry pad. So we tried it both ways.

We wet the sponge, dipped it into the Astonish cleaner and scrubbed away. And immediately, the dirty stains started to disappear. Astonishing!

It was even easier with a dry sponge. There is a huge difference in the before and after, it almost doesn't look like the same oven.

But let's try an even tougher job. Another part of the stove that some of us neglect is the burners.

We follow the same instructions, and voila again with very little scrubbing the Astonish Cleaner really took the grime right out. The best part is we didn't smell any of the strong chemicals that you find with most oven cleaners.

We bought the Astonish Oven and Cookware Cleaner for $10 plus shipping online and I have to say I definitely think it's worth the cash because it surprisingly transformed our oven.

I give the Astonish Oven and Cookware Cleaner a thumbs up.

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