The 5 BEST things to buy in August

This time of the year in the Valley can be hard because of the heat, but that heat can save you some money. 

National chain stores are clearing out their summer inventory because fall is coming. But here in the Valley summer truly does not end until October so you can benefit from these clearance sales and still use the summer items.

Here are some things you can find deals on for the month of August.

Swimsuits are being cleared out by national retailers and you can find some incredible deals. For example at Old Navy you can mix and match bikini tops and bottoms for as low as $5 each. A one piece bathing suit at Old Navy varies in price from $10 to around $27.00 online.

School is getting ready to go back in session and retailers have some great sales on furniture, backpacks and laptops according to

When it comes to furniture you can find a lot of deals. For example Walmart, Target and Amazon had some amazing deals that can help decorate a college dorm room or apartment.  

Walmart has a Mainstay student desk for just $44.88 and you can get it shipped for free if you spend $45. Or just go to Walmart and get the desk without having to ship it.

When it comes to backpacks just about any retailer selling schools supplies will have backpacks on sale. If you are looking to buy a laptop, August is your month. Look for Intel I5 Core processor laptops or AMD quad core processor based laptops for around $299 to $350. You may have to go with a refurbished one for that price point, but that price range is considered a good deal. Check out, and for finding those laptop deals. Here is one refurbished Asus laptop for $299 from It has an AMD dual core processor with 15.6" screen, 500GB hard drive and 4GBof ram.

Barbeque grills are good to buy in August according to Watch for from retailers like Home Depot, Lowe's and Sears for those sales on grills.


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