Target trying to find a way to be the cheapest retailer

Target just announced they have a new way to help you save; they are price matching some online retailers including their own site

You can use the new policy at,, and toysrus and

To get the better price you need to take the competitor's ad to the guest services counter at Target.

You have to be comparing an identical item, down to the model number and color.

So right away that rules out certain things including clothes since most of Target's options are the Target brand.

But, I have to say I walked through Target and scanned several items.

I compared the prices with other stores and guess what? In most cases Target was already cheaper.

Of course I found some items where the new policy can save you a lot of cash.

A Playstation 3 FIFA game is at Target for $59.99.

But I found it cheaper at for $39.99.

So using the price match policy you can get that cheaper price at Target and save 20 bucks.

Another Asus tablet is $400 at Target.

At the price is $50 cheaper, $348.

But keep in mind the item has to be in stock in order to get the lower price.

You can also use the new policy if you buy an item at Target then find it cheaper within 7 days

On,,, or or in a local competitor's printed ad.

Just show your receipt and Target will price match.

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