Take care of your pet for cheap at Ryan's Pet Supplies

PHOENIX - Pets are like kids… they can cost a lot of money.

Don't go broke trying to take care of your pet because we found a wholesale pet supply store that has awesome prices on everything for dogs and cats.

At  Ryan's Pet Supplies, we found deals on everything from crates to toys and even grooming tools. 

We searched several products, compared them to other local pet stores and found a 30 to 50 percent savings on many products.

For example, Ryan's Pet Supplies sells a 50 pack of Simple Solution training pads for $11.99. I found the same training pads at Petco on sale for $29.

I also found a screaming deal on crates.

Ryan's Pet Supplies has a 36 inch double-door crate for $61.09.  

I found a similar crate at  PetSmart for $99.

Ryan's Pet Supplies does not specialize in pet food. In fact, I only found a few cans of cat food. Still, you'll find great deals on all sorts of other supplies for your pet.

Keep in mind this is a warehouse so you grab a catalog and start shopping. Also, the warehouse is kind of warm.

Still, there are thousands of products to choose from so be prepared to have some fun shopping and saving.

You can also shop online.

Ryan's Pet Supplies
1805 East McDowell Road
Phoenix , AZ 85006

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