Bimbo Bakery: Save more than half off retail cost on groceries at Bimbo Bakery

No need to pay retail for groceries if you know where to shop.

Robin from Tempe emailed me to brag about Bimbo Bakery. She said I had to check it out and she was right, they had some really good prices.

They have a whole table of dollar discounts daily.  Plus, for every $7 you spend in the store, you get a free item from their freebie area (up to 7 free items).

The best part about the store? Robin says they have so much great stuff to choose from, including bread, cookies, even flour baking mixes.

You'll find items from Sara Lee, Entenmann's, Oroweat, and Thomas. We found Entenmann Little Bites brownies for $2.50 at the Bimbo Bakery.  I found it at other stores for $5.

One of Robin's favorite finds is Boboli pizza crust for $1.99. She says she seen it up to $6 at other stores.

Some of the products you'll find are fresh. Others are close to their expiration date, so just be sure to pay attention to exactly what you're buying.

Here's some more examples of some great buys you can find at Bimbo Bakery.

Bimbo Bakery                   Sprouts             Whole Foods

Whole Wheat

$3.29                                     $4.39                     $4.69

Corn meal

$1.99                                     $2.29                     $3.49

Gluten Free Baking Flour

$3.19                                     $3.99                     $4.99

Flax seed Natural Raw

$2.69                                     $3.39                     $3.69

13 bean soup

$3.79                                     $4.99                     $4.99

Bimbo Bakery has seven locations in the Valley .

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