Save money by making your own foaming soap

I love it when I learn something new and on Tuesday, I learned something new that will save you money.

I am sure you are aware of foaming soap, how about making your own foaming soap for pennies. The secret in making foam soap is not the soap, but it's the dispenser, and you can save a ton because you use less soap.

I found a recipe on a website called Our Homemade Happiness. It is super simple, here is what you need:

Foaming Hand Soap Ingredients:

Empty foaming dispenser


Fill the foaming dispenser about 1/4 ways with your preference of hand soap, add water, put a lid on it, shake it up and you're done!

What about the savings?

I checked the current savings on regular liquid hand soap versus foaming liquid hand soap at Target. The price difference is not as much as it used to be. My research showed that the foaming soap was only $.20 more. Either way just re use that foaming pump and you will still save some money and help the environment because you are reusing.


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