Save money by knowing what's on sale at Valley grocery stores this week

Have an Easter meal without breaking the bank. Find out what deals you can get at Valley grocery stores this week.


Bashas' shoppers can score on ham. They have Cook's Ham Shank for just $.95 per pound. You can buy one for that price. If you still need to decorate Easter eggs, you can buy an XL 18-pack of eggs at Bashas' for $1.88. You can buy two containers for that price.


If you want turkey for your Easter feast, stop in at Fry's. You can buy a whole turkey for $.99 per pound. You can quench your thirst for cheap. Fry's has 32-ounce bottles of Powerade for just $.59 each and without any limits. Make sure to stock up and save big time. Have some mashed potatoes with your Easter meal. Fry's has a 5- pound bag of russet potatoes for $.77 each and you can buy four bags at that price.


Albertsons has a great deal on russet potatoes. You can purchase a 10-pound bag for $.88 each and you can buy two bags for that price. At Albertsons you can also get a great deal on Hormel premium spiral sliced ham. You have to spend $100 or more in one transaction and bring the coupon from their ad. If you do that, you can buy one ham for just $.88 per pound. Albertsons also has some good deals on Campbell's Cream of Chicken and Mushroom for just $1. Albertsons has a lot of sales in their ad this week, plus Albertsons also has double coupons this week.

Food City

Save on pork brisket ribs at Food City. They are $.99 per pound and you can buy two bags for that price. You can also save money on whole Tilapia fish at Food City. They are sold in a 10-pound box for $.88 per pound. You can buy one box for that price. Plus, you can also buy 18 eggs for $1.99, but it gets better. If you buy two, 2- liters of Crush soda, you get a $1 off those eggs bringing that price of eggs to just $.97. Food City has a 3-day sale starting on Friday, March 29 that ends on Sunday. During that time you can buy 73% ground beef for $1.69 per pound, with a limit of two packs. Food City has Cook's Bone-In Half Shank Ham on sale for $.99 per pound and you can get one for that price.


Don't forget at Sprouts on Wednesday's, you get double the savings because the previous week and current ads overlap on that day. If you want some asparagus they have it on sale for $1.99 per pound. Try something sweet, Sprouts has a pound of strawberries for just $1.50 each.


At Safeway you can save on rib eye. They have whole bone in rib eye on sale for $4.99 per pound and you can buy one at that price. Buy one half shank ham for $.99 per pound this week at Safeway.

With Easter around the corner, you can find some good deals at Valley grocery stores.

Remember, holidays at Valley grocery stores often mean lots of sales. So, make sure to look at your store's ad, make a list and check out their website for additional deals and coupons.

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