Real Simple clip-on shoulder shapers claim to keep your clothes put on hangers

Have you ever had this problem, you hang your shirt or dress and it keeps on falling off the hanger? So frustrating, but I may have found a solution.

Real Simple Magazine now has a product line called Real Simple Solutions and they sell clip-on shoulder shapers that are supposed to securely hold your clothes in place. But will it and is it worth the money? I put it to the test.

I purchased a package of four at Bed Bath and Beyond for $4.99. The instructions are simple. Don't use them on wet or damp clothes. On the package it says, "Simply push the clip on shaper on each corner of a slimline hanger." Wait you have to use their hangers? Yes you sure do. So I purchased a 12 pack of Real Simple slimline hangers at Bed Bath and Beyond for $9.99.

The shoulder shapers fit perfect on their slimline hangers. Now for the test, I hung some clothes that don't usually stay put on regular hangers using the slimline hangers with the clip-on shapers.

Then I moved those hangers around a little to see if the clothes would stay put. With the clip- on shapers and hangers it was a completely different game my clothes stayed on the hangers and did not fall off.

Based on my test results these clip - on shoulder shapers lived up to the claim. So based on my results I have to give them a thumbs up. What I did not like about the Real Simple Solutions clip-on shoulder shapers was the fact that you had to purchase their hangers in order for them to work.  

I just don't like the added expense. In addition I broke a few of these shapers. If you push too hard they easily break. So my solution is cheap and simple. Just use clothes pins to keep your clothes hanging. Granted, it may pinch your clothes by doing this, but you can smooth it out later and keep that money in your wallet.


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